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Android vs iPhone cross-platform play coming


  • Android vs iPhone cross-platform play coming

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ID:	596328 It'd be pretty cool to battle it out against your mate, who foolishly owns an opposing mobile platform to your own. And that's exactly what the guys over at OpenFeint think, too. For those who don't know, OpenFeint is a match-making and stats platform used by a whole heap of iPhone and Android games, including the justt released Monster Dash.

    The next iteration of OpenFeint, 2.6, will allow users to send game invites via SMS and e-mail to anyone in their address book and play against them - even if you own an iPhone 4, and your buddy owns a HTC Desire. Executive Chairman Peter Relan explains; "One glaring problem with today?s mobile gaming community is how fractured it is across platforms. OpenFeint is bridging the gap between gamers... we?re going to roll out services that will help friends that use different device platforms play against each other."

    OpenFeint 2.6 Introduces Out-of-Network Invites, Cross-Platform Play [FingerGaming]
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    • chad
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      Apple Vs IBM/Microsoft
      We know who won

      Apple Vs Google Android
      We know who is going to win

    • Aegis
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      Originally posted by chad
      Apple Vs IBM/Microsoft
      We know who won
      yeah, nobody - last i checked all those businesses are still around.
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