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STAR WARS: The Old Republic's Battle for Alderaan trailer


  • STAR WARS: The Old Republic's Battle for Alderaan

    From the recently run E3 2011 expo is this STAR WARS: The Old Republic highlight wheel, featuring a conflict on the war-torn planet of Alderaan. "A militaristic Republic war hero has seized the throne in a misguided attempt to protect the people of Alderaan. Watch as Republic players confront the powerful and well-protected 'King Ulgo', in this Highlights Video."

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    • Evil
      Evil commented
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      Thats just bits of all 3 cinematics cut to together.

    • Aegis
      Aegis commented
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      yeah, you can see George Lucas' input right there...

    • HeReTiC
      HeReTiC commented
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      If you think about the star wars universe, there are no healers per se, it SHOULD be just all out war, but like lars said there will be less of a need to group together. It depends on a hundred things like pvp mechanics, pve mechanics etc. I think you will get your wish lenko there really shouldnt be any healer/tank/dps fights anymore. We might see what happens in FPS's, mass combat situations. group vs group or army vs army rather than group vs big scarey monster. either way, im a bit apprehensive about this game, i know its bioware any everything but star wars is so overdone unless they have reinvented the universe i can see it getting old fast.
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