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Gran Turismo 5 midnight launches and cheapest prices


  • Gran Turismo 5 midnight launches and cheapest prices

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ID:	602245 Gran Turismo 5 is out tomorrow. Yes, seriously. Pinch yourself. Although, you should be warned that once you have the game, there's a 133mb patch to download, and then an hour long install thereafter. Thankfully functionality has been built in so you can play while it installs, but that patch you're just going to have to sit there and wait for. Inconveniences aside, let's move onto the topic of this article and have a look at where you should be buying this console generation's most anticipated racer.

    GT5 is attainable for as cheap as $60-odd dollars, but that's if you're willing to wait a week or two for an international stockist to ship it out. Locally, you'll still find some good prices, the two cheapest we've found being BIG W at $77.97 and JB HI-FI at $79.

    While EB Games nor Game are doing midnight launches, JB HI-FI is! If you live near Chadstone, Bourke St or Knox in Victoria, you're in luck - they're open from 10pm to 1am this evening for the game's release. If you're close to Hobart, Adelaide City or Miranda in NSW, you can also race in sometime after 10pm to grab your copy.

    See you on the track tomorrow.
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    • Wrathlon
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      Good analogy GI

    • rec
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      Ars wraps up the disappointment quite nicely:

      After six years and a huge budget... still unpolished

      Polyphony will remedy some of these bugs and flaws with patches, but the other issues are likely here to stay. Ultimately, GT5 does a lot of things right, and I?m looking forward to spending many an hour in its company, but there's no getting away from the feeling that this was a project that got away from itself.

      Fans of the series will still claim this is as good as it gets, but the problems and limitations of the game are inexcusable considering how much time and money was spent trying to get it right.

      The Good
      The premium cars are gorgeous
      Online play with up to 16 players
      Dynamic weather, day-into-night racing
      The Nurburgring Nordschleife is great

      The Bad
      800 cars just copied over from previous games
      Clunky interface
      Collisions still aren't right
      AI still not good enough
      In a game that's about cars, making the majority of them lower-quality models without interiors is ridiculous
      The shadows look terrible

      The Ugly
      The way damage is rendered on standard cars
      Getting knocked out of the Top Gear challenge for the seventh time
      You'll often ask yourself what the hell they've been doing for six years
      Verdict: Rent
      From behind, late in the race: a racing fan reviews Gran Turismo 5

      PS. worst UI/interface in any game I've ever played. What a mess.

    • Minorci
      Minorci commented
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      Have to agree...

      Plus credits are a huge issue, you can't repeat special events so you really really need to grind races.
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