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Forum Guidelines - N00b Waystation 2.0

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  • Forum Guidelines - N00b Waystation 2.0

    As a starting point, to new members I welcome you and hope you enjoy your visit to the Gamers Underground forums and its gaming servers.

    Gamers Underground is provided free to the gaming community and all that it needs in return is respect.

    Why have these Guidelines?
    These just have to be around since the forum has grown so much in the last few years. The guidelines try and help make the forums a much more enjoyable place and help people get to what they want so much easier.

    Several years ago there were no such guidelines, no such restrictions and no such problems which cause these things to be created. However there were also only about 100 members and was Darwin based [email protected], in comparison at this point with close to 1500 and people from all around and vastly different people. These things need to be laid down to keep things in control.

    These guidelines should not be considered as a restriction on your freedoms. Just a way of keeping everybody relatively happy. Most importantly these are just based on Common sense.

    I. General Maturity
    II. Quality of Posts
    III. Signatures
    IV. Image attachments
    V. Piracy
    VI. Moderators
    VII. Avatars
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    I. General Maturity

    It should only be that this section start with something from the original N00b waystation.

    5. Respect is a two way street, if you show respect to long term members, most of them will offer the same in return.
    This is probably the most simple thing. Just treat everyone with respect, and you shall receive so back.

    It doesn't mean everyone has to play happy lovers and pretend friends with each other. Flames, arguments and directed comments are allowed, just keep it to a mature level. It has always been a base from Gamers-Underground that we are a community of mature people, not a ranch of moaning 13 year old brats.


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      II. Quality of Posts

      This ties in nicely with the 'Maturity' section of things. It cannot be expected everyone will post in the same way, however it should at least be expected everyone should be able to post up to a decent quality.

      There is no need to just to snap in with single word replies, other than obvious places where single word replies would be acceptable, replying "duh" or even "you stupid poof" is hardly required in any situation and most Moderators will remove these types of comments.

      Trading Post:
      People are allowed to post here to sell items or place requests of things they would love to get their hands on. Please refrain from making comments that would otherwise stop a person from making a sale, or start a discussion that doesn't relate to the original thread. If the creator of a thread in this forum requests that their Sale or Request Thread is being 'hijacked' it will be fixed for them.

      Technical Forums:
      These include the Cooler PC's, Software, Hardware and ISP discussion forums.

      Usually these are forums where people can seek help with their problems from others, or post up some information they felt they should share with or discuss.

      If you are going to start a thread asking for help, please do not make the Title with something meaningless to anyone who sees it at first. For example "I'm screwed" is meaningless to anyone who looks at it and you may not get the help you're wanting at all. Call it something meaningful. eg. "My GoGo machine doesn't work". Just don't forget to make your content meaningful too. Post your hardware specs, software running, Operating System used, the problem, what things you have tried and if you have even tried to figure it out for yourself first.


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        III. Signatures

        On these forum it is asked that signatures are kept to a reasonable amount. This used to be easy however now with so many different variations of signatures and styles, hence sizes it needs to be specified in a way. So that the signatures don't eventually creep larger and larger, in screen size and file size.

        Signatures with should not have images larger than 400px in width and 90px in height.

        The reasons for these are varied but basically come down to some simple aestheics. It is not nice to scroll horizontally to read any part of the forum, it is also not nice to read through a forum where most of the screen content is just people's signatures.

        People's signatures should be fairly reasonable, they can contain an image and text - just be reasonable with this.


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          IV. Image Attachments

          Simply images larger than 620px in width should not be posted using either the attachment feature or BBCode. However people can directly link to these images.

          The reasons for this is similar to the previous section, so it won't distort the forum out of proportion and cause everyone who wishes to read that page to scroll horizontally - which being is probably one of the more annoying things in the world next to listening to Kenny Rogers music.

          This will vary depending on situations, but as a moderator this is the guideline I will follow personally. If an image regardless of size is attached using BBCode or attachment makes my DSL choke and sputter thus making my modem pack its bags and walk out on me. I'll then think of the people still on dialup. I will change the image to a direct link or remove the image and privately message the poster why the image was removed. If there is a problem with posting images, I'd be glad helping people getting their own ISP webspace working or other similar means.


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            V. Piracy

            Piracy will not be tolerated in any form on the forums as it leads to the forum and ultimately OverDrive being responsible legally for supporting piracy and illegal distribution of software in the end. Should that happen, Gamers-Underground and its respective servers will cease to exist.

            Simply this means we ask people not to discuss how to download the latest mp3's or software through means which do not support the developer of the software through the means the software is intended to be obtained through.

            Moderators will instantly edit or if necessary delete comments which relate to this.


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              VI. Moderators

              The current list of General Gamers Underground Moderators & Administrators can be viewed here.

              We are people like the rest of you and we are all susceptible to emotions and 16 hour days. Meaning we will get crabby and moods will swing, however not in the once a month to the moon mood swings.

              Moderators will treat everyone equally, which includes other moderators. Should it be felt that the moderators are overstepping their boundaries. Please contact them directly otherwise nothing can be done at all, at most parts of the day moderators are very friendly people and should be willing to listen. However please refrain from posting it publically if it involves only a single moderator as it usually ends up turning into a bashing session and would just end up with everyone in the shits.

              If anything needs to be discussed that involves all the moderators, how the forums are moderated, and just about anything else. Feel free to post it up in the General Forum, however in a mature manner.

              VII. Avatars

              Originating from this thread. It is asked that people use avatars that are less than 80 x 80 px in size. And less than 10kb in file size. This should reduce download times for those with slower connection and limit page distortion at particular resolutions. It is also asked that people can keep their avatars to something not too offensive or annoying to other people.



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                interesting points, i reckon the definition of slow connection has changed since 2003 tho, and a certain level of banter is almost expected here, so i hope you dont offend easy :p


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                  Originally posted by insidious View Post
                  interesting points,
                  Shame we cant all share in them.


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                    i was trying to be diplomatic

                    deleting his post was a bit harsh tho


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                      spam is spam.


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                        since when did you care?


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                          im trying t get in touch with my feminin side


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                            Sup RC!

                            this thread makes no sense


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                              insid loves the jungle cock.


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