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    hope you get him


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      Hi all, I found mention of this scam after Googling "smith Gumtree scam". Yes, I too have been sucked in by this scammer. I just wanted to put it out there that this fella is still out there doing business and making money off the innocent trusting (yes, suckers too) public.

      I was scammed a few weeks ago on Gumtree Western Australia when looking to buy an IPad 2 ...

      FYI, his MO is the same .. to use out of the city locations that make it more difficult to get to and increase the likelihood of someone paying via direct deposit. In my case, he said he was in Brookton (1.5 hours from Perth), was using the name Terrence Smith (Tez) and selling a near new Ipad 2 with cover for $520.

      When I said I couldn't make it to Brookton, he was happy to take direct deposit and post. Once paid, I never heard from him again. Yes, I should have known better, but this guy is very convincing and totally believable. His reasons for selling were that his boss had given him a different tablet to use at home so he didn't need this one anymore. He also says he's a shift worker so contact can be difficult.

      Mid-November I found him in Merredin (3 hours from Perth) apparently. He's was using the name Timothy Sellwood-Smith. He's selling two sealed Ipads with covers which he'd apparently bought for his children for Christmas. As they've bought Ipads themselves he doesn't need them and can't return them for a refund. He was happy to accept $975 for both or $580 for one and this time offered to pay the post. Given that he'd ripped me off a week ago, I'm sure he could afford it!!

      Aside from the bank accounts mentioned previously, he's using two accounts at present:

      St George Bank
      Account Name - T Smith
      BSB 112879
      Account Number 420710367


      Cuscal Limited
      Branch Name Select Credit Union Ltd
      Account Name - T Smith
      BSB 802103
      Account Number 501391

      His mobile number is 0420 399 193. I haven't bothered to ring but I believe it goes to voicemail.

      The address he gave in Merredin was a house that is listed on Google as being for sale. I wonder if this is also part of his MO. It currently belongs to a painter and decorator who I'm sure would love to know that his address is being given out to potential Ipad buyers who could rock up on his doorstep.

      The third week in November I found him posting a Gumtree ad for an iPad in Narembeen, WA. Same MO, different email, different bank and using the name Tyrone Smith. The address in Narembeen is a vacant block according to Google. Bank details were:

      Tyrone Smith
      BSB 082-991
      Account 374873113.

      He deletes the ad off Gumtree pretty much straight away. In fact, he deleted the ad as soon as I said I would buy the Ipads.

      I'm led to believe by Gumtree and the bank branches being in Sydney, that this is where he is located.

      I made reports to the technology department of the WA Police, to the NSW police as well as to Gumtree and to the three bank accounts he's given details for. I don't ever expect to see my money but it would be great to keep this guy on his toes and hopefully prevent others from making the same mistakes with this guy that I made.

      For the record, I paid for only one item but I had good fun messing with him over the others in order to get the info I needed to make a report to bank and police

      I have learned fm my mistake and won't buy anything off Gumtree sight unseen again and yes, if it looks too good to be true it probably is ... having said this, the guy is very believable and convincing that he is legit.

      Btw, I've found another Perth local who was scammed on a TiVo by the same person, as Travis Smith, so he's not limited to his electronics ...



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        Just found out that I have been done as well.
        He sounded so convincing in the e-mail, I guess I'm just too trusting!
        Here's the info he gave me.

        Ted Edwardes-Smith
        9 Noyes Street
        Swansea 7190
        Ph: 0420 505 743

        Ted Smith
        BSB 082-991
        Account Number 374873113

        Does anyone have any idea where to move from here?
        Any chance of getting my money back?



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          Talk to your bank, they may have some sort of fraud protection that will cover you for this. In that instance, I think they're also more likely to do something about hunting the prick down as well.


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            Just called the bank, they put through a request to recover funds?
            Anyone know how successful there are?


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              between aussie banks, probably a good chance of getting it back


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                To those who have been stung... I'd actually forward this thread to the federal police. I'm sure there's a cyber crimes division.

                It may fall under federal jurisdiction due to the fact he's "trading" across multiple states/territories. There's probably enough info in this thread alone to chase him down.


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                  yeah, established earlier in the thread that the feds dont deal with online fraud. cos that would make sense.


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                    This might offer some direction (sounds like a state/territory level thing): Internet fraud and scams - Australian Federal Police


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                      Originally posted by MetalAttack View Post
                      We have some NT police memebers on this forum.. maybe one of them can tell you what you can do or who you should report it too.

                      EDIT: Aegis Federal police dont look after online crime..
                      Report a Commonwealth crime - Australian Federal Police - tells u what they look after.
                      i'm sure the police could do something now that a few people had been done..


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                        Mr Smith

                        1. Complete an Official Police Statement
                        2. Complete the Fraud Reporting Form

                        If you experience problems with accessing these documents, please contact the Computer Crime Investigation Unit on 07 3364 4131.

                        Once both forms have been completed New South Wales Police request that you have the original statement witnessed by a Police Officer in your local area and then mail the statement, the fraud reporting form and any supporting documentation, (including proof of having lodged a dispute with the relevant auction provider), to the following address:

                        Fraud Squad State
                        Crime Command
                        NSW Police Force
                        Locked Bag 5102
                        Parramatta NSW 2124

                        In addition to mailing the above documents it is also requested that you mail
                        proof of having lodged a dispute with the relevant internet auction provider
                        (for example, the copy of the mail received acknowledging receipt of your

                        If you were a victim of internet auction fraud on an auction site other than eBay (such as OZtion), the above statement is still appropriate to complete, just edit the statement to reflect the internet auction website you were using.

                        For evidentiary purposes it is extremely important that you keep the original emails in your email inbox until the investigation has been finalised.

                        I'll admit they're long and tedious forms to complete BUT PLEASE DO IT. It's the only way we have a hope of stopping this guy and the more of us submitting them, the more likely the police will follow it up.

                        I agree Sam, he is very convincing, very easy to get along with and probably getting pretty rich!