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    so im in need of a better wireless setup at home.
    currently i have a all in one wireless modem router shoved into the corner of my home, its the only available option as thats there the phone line is.

    i have tried a antenna upgrade which helped and also tried a wind sail which didn't help so much.

    im just looking to gather some information on what other community members have tried in their homes to increase their wireless speeds and distance. im open to the suggestions of repeaters or hardware upgrades, anything that will help increase speeds and distance.
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    just how far are you looking to reach? eg, distance from modem to far-most edge of a house.

    Honestly, go find a Dual-Band Wireless N 900, then purchase a Dual-Band Wireless USB 450 N units for PC's. Find a unit that has 3-4 external adjustable antennae.
    This will allow for 450Mbps on 5Ghz plus 450Ghz on 2.4Ghz

    Use the 5Ghz band solely for multimedia streaming, then 2.4 Ghz for gaming, web-surfing and other stuff.


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      not that far 10-15m, just have a few walls in the way.
      we mainly have problems with our handheld devices in room of the house.


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        Ethernet over power works really well if its for a desktop or some thing like that. If laptop, repeater.

        Edit: eh skimmed your second post didnt see you mention what sort of devices. repeater would be best way, I've never dealt with them tho, so no idea there..


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          I have a Billion 7800N and it does my whole block and then some. What modem/router are you running?


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            I just use a cheap repeater where you have a convenient power point.


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              I too have the 7800N but it cant reach my bedroom and coverage out the on the back deck is average at best.

              I've been looking into getting a repeater for a while but much like the AV transmitter to send Foxtel to the TV out onto my deck they are low down on the priority list.


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                billion 7300
                are the N ones much better with signal strength etc even tho i am only using g?


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                  Billion 7800N and Ethernet Over Power is a really good way to go and not overly expensive or convoluted either. Much more reliable than chaining Access Points together in repeater mode too.

                  Edit: If all you want is to fix that one room get:

                  Dlink DHP-306AV and Dlink DHP-W306AV.

                  Plug the 306 into the wall near your modem, plug LAN into modem.
                  Plug W306 into the room with the shitty reception.
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                    Try this Chow

                    How to boost your WiFi signal with a beer can : theCHIVE


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                      haha love the can one. ill give it a go, i tried this one, wasnt very good Ez-12


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