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Windows 7 user profile being weird

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  • Windows 7 user profile being weird

    Had a power outage the other night and I have a feeling my computer was on when it happened. The next time I turned it on (this morning) I got prompted to go into BIOS setup or use default BIOS settings. I assumed that happened because of some kind of BIOS hiccup, so I went with default settings just to be safe.

    PC then booted to login screen, but my usual user profile pic had reverted to one of the standard Windows ones, and it said my password was incorrect. Tried a few of my other passwords just in case I was getting them mixed up, and the only one that didn't get an 'incorrect' message was one I know I last used probably over a year ago. And even then, I got an error saying my user profile could not be loaded and could not log in.

    I managed to log in via safe mode with the same password that was getting the 'user profile could not be loaded' message and the same standard windows profile pic being shown. Currently waiting for chkdsk to do a scan but not sure what else I should do to repair the profile. I don't seem to have any system restore points but I do have a complete backup on an external hdd of my profile from the last time I was able to log in properly.
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    safest bet is to format the computer and start again. shouldnt be too painful as you are fortunate enough to have backups
    i had similar strange issues thursday friday and formatted friday night
    big tip, after a format go to ninite to install most of the common software, i love this site!


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      What about just making a new profile and copying stuff over to it, then deleting the old one? I was planning to study today and don't really want to muck around reformatting and reinstalling everything


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        cant hurt to give it a go.


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          Never mind, the default BIOS settings had the boot order wrong so it was trying to boot from my secondary drive. No wonder it was all screwy! Serves me right for having the same brand for both primary and secondary drives and not being able to tell the difference in BIOS


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            This is why I hook my system drive to SATA 0 and then any additional drives in reverse order.


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              That was the first thing I was going to say booting an old installation of windows.


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