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  • Interactive wireless projectors

    Hey, I have an odd question.

    Has anyone ever used an interactive wireless projector before?

    Do you know if the interactive part works when only connected to the projector over wireless?

    Does video content work well when connected over wireless to the projector?

    Looking at getting these for work but can't find anyone that's actually used them before. Sales staff were confused to
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    I've set up a few, they are great for static images but there is lag when playing active content. (eg a divx movie)


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      Have you used the interactive ones that turn whatever surface they project onto into a touch screen?


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        They need a receiver on that surface, usually hooked up by bluetooth or usb. Set up heaps of them.

        Edit: are you talking about those dell units? Not played with one of them. If they are like their earlier models, putting interactive on a dell projector is like putting sauce on a shit sandwich.
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          EB-485Wi - Epson Australia


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            Much nicer unit. The interactive receiver would be built into the projector itself. High lumens so would be very forgiving in a bright room. I still expect it would suck though with motion over wireless.


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              Got the Epson one,

              Video over wireless is fine, audio over wireless through projector is ever so slightly out of sync. But you can connect to your own speakers and fix this.

              You can annotate (draw) with nothing connected to the projector or while connected over wireless but won't be able to save the annotation, if projector is plugged via usb in you can save the annotation, use the pens as a mouse and use 2 pens at once . Also has limited iPad support.

              Overall I think its pretty good, much better and around half the cost of interactive boards. Going to get half a dozen more now.

              All they have to do is make all the above work wirelessly and these would be perfect. Would be nice if they bundled the 3 installers into 1.


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                let me know if you need a second quote, or an install....


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                  This time I will stay with the the business we are already using as they have come out and made quotes etc.

                  If you PM your business name/contact details I will keep it in mind for future things. Would you happen to do CCTV equipment?


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