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VLC to Stream To TV (LG 55LW6500)???

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  • VLC to Stream To TV (LG 55LW6500)???

    Hi all,

    I am just wondering if there is a way to set up VLC to stream to TV?


    Does anyone know of a software which would allow Randomisation when streaming MP3's and Video files to a TV?

    TVersity - Only allows a video sequential list (no random play)
    Plex - As Above
    UMS - As Above
    PS3 Media Server - As Above
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    Virtual Audio Cable Home Page

    Try that.
    Use your favorite Media player and output to the Virtual Cable.
    Open up VLC
    Open up Stream Capture Device > Direct Show.
    Input obviously Is the Virtaul Cable

    Destination I find is easier to go to HTTP. I use port 8081 for my testing as 8080 is otherwise in use. Path just leave default. You may need to transcode at this point. Audio MP3 seems to work fine.
    Select stream.

    In your network player of choice on your TV open up the stream http://computer-name:8081/ or similar and volah

    Your Music player form your PC on your TV.

    Not sure if you want the visualizations or whatnot but heck that works.

    The other not so advanced option. Run some audio coax from your PC to your TV / stereo system and just do it that way. My fokes home has PC downstairs, AMP + TV + STB + Tuner upstiars, different location downstairs has Projector and a sound system. PC / Android / iPhony devices can control music and selection of whatever is on the AMP to be played downstairs or upstairs. But you would have to ask Matt from Majestix Media Pty Ltd what he did there and the box he has to control it all.


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