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DGA - Needs new Executive members.

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  • DGA - Needs new Executive members.

    Hi Guys,

    Well here it is black and white.

    DGA 42 - Is my last organised DGA Event. It also looks like it might be Sponges last event as well.

    Im having a baby and starting a new job, so I cant run it anymore.

    And sponge is looking/on his way interstate so obvious he cant run it.

    After 42 there will be 1 Executive member left (sponge) and then once he goes there is none.

    So 42 is shaping up to be the Last DGA Darwin may see for a very long time.

    In saying this there is something YOU can do about it.

    This is an EMERGENCY CALL OUT, looking for 5 new executive members.

    President / Vice Pres / Sec / Tres / PO

    These all dont need to be filled, but DGA is a 3 person job, and will need 3 people to coordinate together.

    I have free'd up my PM's and now it is awaiting applications to be PM'd to myself.

    If you feel that you would like the challenge, of coordinating, hosting, and running DGA, then please drop me a line.

    Its a sad day, but hey all good things have to come to an end, or do they?
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    Well well unseen ure time has come i see
    Da boys may come to the rescue yet!
    Have had a quick discussion about said dilemma.
    Eater Insidious Neo and myself are having a think about it.
    So when do we take over? Give us the steering wheel.
    We will drive the sucker to its limits


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      As said, im out at the end of this DGA, and I assume so is Dean. So really at this DGA, we can hand over all details we have and go from there.


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        umm Sheneon has expressed an intrest in this but he has no net so he has asked me to say he wants to speak with 1 of the admin about it


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