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Anything Interactive National Cup Quals this weekend *Important*

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  • brownie
    sensational news

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  • insidious
    good news, see you all there for the warm up qualifier

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  • Anything Interactive National Cup Quals this weekend *Important*

    I have some new info regarding the quals this weekend.

    There WILL be quals held this weekend, for both 1.6 and CSS, and both will start and finish on SATURDAY.

    There will be NO games played on SUNDAY, so be ready for it people.


    As the Nationals are not being held until July There will be 2 NT quals held in Darwin.

    This lan will be the first. It will happen like this.

    There will be a double elim at this LAN. The winner of THIS lan, WILL NOT be the automatic winner through to the national cup. They will be granted 2 things which they can choose 1.

    1) Automatic finals play off vs the winner of the double elims at the NEXT lan.


    2) Given a 2nd Round inclusion into the Double Elim Bracket at the NEXT lan.

    The above will be the decison of the clan, and will need to be made to myself as soon as possible before the next lan.

    Because my baby is due, and there will be a gap between lans, I should be able to attend both Lans.

    If you have any questions regarding the above, speak out. Sorry about the late notice I only found out about this, this afternoon.

    In regards to the next Lan, we will have sponsorship from AI.

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