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Nos lan 7.09

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    My guess would be that they're either setting up or they won't be there yet.


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    as above


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      i mite turn up after work or something


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        just a small suggestion:

        how about having organised game times?

        It seemed that everyone was all over the place (with the exception of the CSS session).


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          it was organized however ppl didn't like certain games and ONLY wanted to play there fav game with out moving around much....

          so when i did get every one to play the same game... it was after i lost about 2 voice boxes


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            maybe a dedicated schedule?

            I know that CSS took over a bit, ET:QW wasn't liked by some (but was a very good changeup), and not everyone likes WC3 (lol smoke break), but I would like to see something else.

            I'm suggesting Peggle.


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              Whens the next one?? These sound like fun, the fact that skate ramps at the bak may be available gives me all the more reason to attend one of these! Gaming mixed in with a few sessions of skating, couldnt ask for anything more. Except maybe some drinks, but these are non-alcoholic events arn't they?


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                Going on the last event Alcohol was consumed but if it got to the stage where somoene got drunk they would be told to leave the venue. But in saining this it could be different for the next event.

                If the turnout is anything like last time SPOTS ARE LIMITED so get in early


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                  The last one was a very good lan, Guitar Hero made for a good change up from the KB & M, and the drinking rule was fair. It kept anyone from drinking too hard. Bring on the next one. Dates anyone??

                  I going to remind myself to bring my 360 guitar this time to play Frets on Fire (GH on the PC), as the G15 crushes your wrist while you play.


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                    The next Nos doesent appear to have any dates set. But usually it is on the second friday and saturday of each month. The only tume usualy that they are not on this date is because they are a longer Lan over 3 days or whatnot.


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                      got the date marked.

                      Looks like the 12th and the 13th for the next run?


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