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  • DGA 44 Feed back Thread

    Hey guys,

    We are after some feedback on the lan .. Regards to the new venue how it ran, and what can be improved.

    All feedback appreciated.



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    I will start..

    Lan was awsome I felt. Great venue with a small hickup in regards to power. But was fixed once we found a power board that failed causing the breaker to trip.

    BBQ went well .. And drinks sold like hot cakes.

    TF2 got a look in and well didnt take off like we thought it would ?? be it that those there wernt major keen tf2 players, but it had its few hours of play.

    Of course CSS had a run and early morning full servers showed that .. and seriously who plants the bomb on iceworld ?!?

    Flatout2 went OFF .. best fun ive had in a long time.

    Rainbow6 Vegas, looks hot and seemed to get some interest going early sunday.

    Armegetron OMFG, come on..

    LANWoW ?? was being played. Diablo was there as well .. Bit of NFSCarbon was brought out.

    Didnt see any Supreme commander happening?

    Internet was there, and we could get a direct link, however wasnt going through for steam, had something to do with the router and the VPN set up for the business.
    Going to look at a mobile wireless set up for future lans.

    My only gripe was the smokers, leaving butts on the ground, when no less then 2 feet from them is a bin .. pretty ordinary.

    Good lan overall and look forward to next one before Christmas.


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      so does that mean there will be a evo?


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        The lan at TR was a great ressurection for the DGA seeing as how most people did show up and have fun, everyone was playing games, but not always the same games at once but for a coupla hours CSS was stacked, and alotta people playing Raibow 6 Vegas together n Warcraft 3 together , and Diablo 2 and UT3Demo which was good, people were yelling and screaming and team killing and everyone was having a great time. The cokes did sell fast, Dragon XR brought 15kg of Sausages to add to the sausage fest *cough*

        On overall, great lan, great venue, but dont see us fitting more than 40 or so people in for a while.

        Thanks to everyone too for helping pack up.

        And the last thing to say is, never EVER hang with Unseen in a Friendlyfire CSS match, your most likely to be naded or awped in the head. Great lan.


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          my highlight of the lan had to be winning the motocross maddness 2 stunt map in the last second.

          Remate later Unseen.... If you can handle it.

          Flatout2 and Armagetron were good fun as always.


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            Dragons Personal Experience at DGA:

            i played allmost all of the game that were hosted and vegas just awesome... more players would have made it even better.

            css was just a continious blood bath (as usal) however the sound of a man in the distance at the lan screaming DRAGON !!!! OI DRAGON... for 3 hours made the experience a little undesired... no names will be pointed out.... yet

            a bit of a over order on my half end earing the saying.... Got Sausage?....15 kg ZOMG! and ..... the lack of bread on my behalf (some how...) spawned the meat sandwich's... 2 steaks and a Sausage...

            some small stats which made the lan even better
            attendance: 38-40
            hours of game play: 25... 23 personally
            computers asked to repair: 0 (woot)
            network disconnections: 1
            power blowouts: 1
            amount of rice consumed: 3 small containers
            amount of times ask to join .exe: still counting....and haunts me in my sleep...
            coke sold: 60/60 cans. LVL UP!
            amount of Sausage consumed: 5/15 kg... i have allot of meat ;D
            amount of steaks consumed: 30/30
            amount of times called a hacker: 23 ... yes i did count it...
            amount of data dl from my machine: 1.3 terabyes.. (still nothing on neotheo however..)

            in anyway i look at the lan it was pretty much a success and im certain another dga will be held..

            id also like to thank all of the people that helped packup the lan... its was done in a mind blistering 30 mins!!


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              That LAN was awesome fun! didn't get enough TF2 in tho (damn you neo and your cursed 'come play this' attitude! ), though that was my fault for being a weakminded fool

              venue was great, many thanks to Tech Rentals for the loan. And re; the net connection, why do people *still* not go through the offline setup thing for Steam?! You *know* Valve always releases updates the day before LAN

              As my second DGA, I have to say that was the best I've been to was good to meet more of the GU regulars in person too, plus those that helped make a n00b welcome at the first one I attended.


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                Originally posted by dragon xr View Post
                amount of data dl from my machine: 1.3 terabyes.. (still nothing on neotheo however..)
                Not sure what i did. I know it was jsut over 1 TB, however i kept disconecting everyone when i wanted to get something. Sorry to all those nubs who still use IE and cant resume downloads.


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                  was a very good lan, very enjoyable.

                  i had my psu blow up which was, needless to say annoying.
                  cheers to brownie for supplying a psu for the lan

                  a number of people had steam issues when it came to starting the games in offline mode, which i was more than happy to help out with using my phones wireless net. the people that utilised the service were also very careful with the downloads/net usage, cheers only 250mb for the whole event

                  next lan i would suggest that we hook wireless broadband up to the server and configure it properly though - happy to provide the non downloads steam only connection.

                  it has nothing to do with updates though, i updated my steam just hours before i arrived, offline mode worked but the games still wouldn't open. its steam; its shit for lans without net and it always will be.

                  good to see that CSS played a large part in the lan with 10v10 and more for prolonged periods.

                  TF2 was less than spectacular however, which i have to say i didn't find surprising.

                  the food + drinks were great too


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                    i've never had trouble with steam since reading their instructions on setting up for offline play


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                      well then you are lucky, as the problem has not been fixed