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  • New QLD LAN Community Site

    Hi everyone, I have created a new site for the QLD LAN community.

    The aim of the site is to be a place for anyone organising a LAN to advertise it.

    It is also there for anyone wanting to go to a LAN in QLD to go and see if there are any LAN's coming up without having to search all over the place.

    It is not the sites intention to have the site used to organise LAN's, it is purely a singular place where LAN admins can get together and share their resources, knowledge or anything else that may be useful.

    The site does have sections for people to voice there opinions on things they would or would not like to see at LAN events, so that LAN admins can get an idea of what people like.

    Hopefully the site can become a one stop place for people wanting to attend a LAN to come and see what is going on.

    So please visit the site and register, the site will only work with valued members like you....

    *If you are a LAN admin please let me know via PM on the site.*

    QLD Lan Community - Index


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    post this on qgl. hilarity will ensue.


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      Originally posted by uber tard View Post
      post this on qgl. hilarity will ensue.
      Did I do something wrong?, or is there something wrong with trying to help people get together?.