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DGA 55 - Friday 27th March - Saturday 28th March

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  • DGA 55 - Friday 27th March - Saturday 28th March

    DGA 55

    Sponsored by:
    Browns Mart NT, The IT Shack, Computers For You and Projection Plus.

    DATE: Friday 27th March - Saturday 28th March.

    TIME: Start will officially be 7PM. Helpers required at 6PM, early computer setup will be allowed after the lan setup is complete.
    The Lan will end at Saturday 9PM but may end later (the lan may finish earlier or later depending on the lans end of day numbers).

    LOCATION: Around the back of Malak shops. The old Video 2000 building.

    FEE: $20 Admission.
    SPECIAL: Two for One entry for those who bring a friend who's not been to a DGA in the past.

    Though registration isn't required, we do request that if you plan to attend, registration will guarantee a seat for you.
    You can reserve a seat for yourself and who ever you decide to bring along. We cannot guarantee a seat if the venue gets crowded for unregistered people. Registration will be up soon.

    REGISTER HERE: Darwin Gamers Association (UP!)
    Please note that the page will tell you the date is Saturday to Sunday.... This is NOT correct, and is an error that will be corrected in short order.

    LIMIT: 50 people will be catered for (ie, 50 chairs, and enough space for a little over 50 on tables). This limit is soft, so any more then that we may accept you, but will stop you at the door if it gets too crowded.

    FILE SHARING: See the white board when you enter the venue. More details on the a local web server.

    HELPERS: If you wish to assist in the setup of the DGA event, please add a comment to this thread. We open the doors to people wishing to help us at 10am if you come early and not help you will be asked to wait outside in the heat/rain until we are ready to start.
    Please note, helpers MAY bring their computers in prior to assisting, but may not setup on tables until organisation of the venue is complete.

    SPEAKERS: We shall permit speakers. They are limited to fit on top of your allocated space and are no more than two desktop speakers (or monitor speakers alternatively). If you have a small sub with these speakers, it may be placed on the floor but must not impact other gamers. When gaming slows down, usually around 1AM, we ask that speakers be turned down to bare minimum if used for a crowd of people (ie, watching Anime, or very quiet music). If on your own, use headphones.
    Excessive noise will not be tolerated, and is at the discretion of DGA staff on what is or isn't excessive.
    All other rules will remain in place as per DGA's general rules and regulations.

    TIME TABLE: To be set on the evening.
    Games Included at the LAN are but not limitted to:

    LEFT 4 DEAD tournament
    + Track Mania
    + Grid
    + Rainbow 6 - Vegas
    + Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X (NEW!)

    PRIZES: Prizes supplied by Computers For You, The IT Shack, and DGA donors.

    NOTES: DGA will be looking into membership in the future. We're still drafting plans on what we hope to achieve etc in regards to this. Please note that all old membership fee's, plans and arrangements are nullified, and/or expired.

    Information: DGA now has a white board, which we'll write up a short selection of quick information, that is often frequently asked of us. This will hopefully sort out some of the issues people experience during the night (ie, where do I get this? Dinner etc).

    Your Computer
    In recent years computers have jumped leaps and bounds a lot faster then in the past. What this means for us is we require faster and more powerful computers just to run the standard run-of-mill games.
    Here's a quick guide to know if you're computer is capable of running the software at most LAN's.

    Graphics Card: At least an nVidia 6 series graphics card, in the moderately high end, or even a mid range modern 9 series. Common gaming cards are: 9800GT, 8800GT, 7800GTX, 6800GTX... ATI have equivalents too. Please use Google to see if your system can run a game in the 'games' list.

    This is an all too common problem that has been occuring lately, and has caused problems for everybody involved. We admins will try and help as much as possible where we can, but please be aware that we can only help you so much. We're there to game too.
    It is YOUR responsibility to ensure your computer will run the game when required.
    DGA is currently working in conjunction with COMPUTERS FOR YOU and THE IT SHACK to create specific gaming systems, that will be available as a complete package at $2000. These machines are both capable of running every game that we play at the LAN's, and offers an entry into modified computers, as well as being in a package with plenty of room for expansion. COMPUTERS FOR YOU currently has an ATI based system available, which offers future expansion for Cross Fire, where as THE IT SHACK will offer an SLI sollution. Both computers are roughly the equivalent, and is purely up to you what you go for.

    !!!It is your responsibility to ensure you computer is in working order!!!

    Please keep your area clean. If you have rubbish, don't leave it on the table tops, instead put all rubbish in the bin. Try and avoid crumbs and food scraps falling onto the floor, and if you should, please clean it up right away.
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    Me and drew will be there u can count on it!! :-D


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      this timing for the LAN likely to become the norm, kagetsu?


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        Yes unfortunately... At least for the time being. Last weekend on Friday nights of every month (there are a few exceptions).


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          I'm coming but the timetable needs to be changed to these games:

          -Rainbow Six: Vegas 2
          -Left 4 Dead

          In that order. make L4D last as the lateness will add a weird atmosphere to the LAN.
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            I should be there this time. Maybe with a new person to get two for one entry..... er.... Noturit is his name. Never been there before. He might look young but he is older then he appears. He will have a moustache! I mean he has a moustache!


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              Awesome news! We'll be playing HAWX at this lan too people (or at least, trialing it). Make sure you're there. ^_^


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                Registration is now up, however, it says Saturday and Sunday. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE LAN IS ON FRIDAY!!! This is due to an error in the system, and will be rectified in short order.


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                  Cool!!! HawX i hope to have it on Thursday day before lan Should be fun


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                    You may want it earlier to unlock the aircraft.... That said, It's pretty easy to do, and already unlocked most of them.

                    Will probably be more fun, but the physics could do with a lot of work. ~_~ It handles a lot better with a mouse then a joy stick too.


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                      I also hope to play Warcraft 3 there i got it working in wide screen now.. works the same way as World of warcraft window mode reasizeable rez but dies draw more video processing power than normal


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                        Originally posted by Kagetsu View Post
                        It handles a lot better with a mouse then a joy stick too.
                        That's like playing an fps with a controller. It's just not right


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                          looks like i cant get it till thursday for now broke and no way there right now so ill have stock planes for the first few hours whast the starting planes


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                            Originally posted by Longtom View Post
                            That's like playing an fps with a controller. It's just not right
                            I know. ~_~ The problem with a joystick is it doesn't appear to be responsive to moderate changes.

                            I know my joy stick is good, I use it with FSX, but in this game, it's either full on or full off.

                            Something else that ticks me off is it has zero realism when it comes to banking and airflow. Would also like full throttle control. Not just BRAKE or FULL POWER... It's a little gayness like that.


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                              i haven't used a joystick since descent 2.

                              \/ Still not working (Signature):-( No Pic