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2009 DGA Wrap up and Report.

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  • prefix_Epic_title_rich 2009 DGA Wrap up and Report.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the DGA report for 2009.

    First of all, a massive thank you to everybody who's assisted us through the year, and helped to keep us above water.
    It's well known DGA has been through rough times in recent years, but this year saw a real return to classic LAN'ing, good times!
    As was expected we did peak early to mid year, with a levelling off towards the end. On average we've seen around 25-30 people per LAN, and while not as many as the days of EVO, we're slowly making our way back to solid numbers.

    We (the admin) have been pleased to see younger and new faces making their way back into the crowd, as well as some old gamers returning to the occasional gathering. Additionally, the regular usage of Malak facilities has resulted in much better programming for events, and uniformity.

    We also saw a return to full gigabit networking this year with the purchase of a new gigabit switch, and high speed internet (20mbps).

    Regretfully we didn't make the 40-50 mark consistently this year required to warrent looking at (or even affording) an EVO, however it comes up every meeting and we're looking forward to eventually hosting one.
    This is all the more reason for people to let their friends interested in LAN'ing know of DGA. Remember that we don't discriminate at DGA, if there's a game you want to play, we entirely hope you'll share in the fun with everybody.

    While the events have officially ended for 2009, we'll be looking to kick off with a bang in 2010, and hope to see everybody there again for a new year.

    During the quiet time, we'll be updating our website and working on new networking setups to ensure everybody has the best experience possible.

    Cheers, Kagetsu.

    PS. Please comment on improvements you'd like to see happen in this thread over the next few months to help improve DGA, along with possible solutions. ie, don't just say, More people, without a method to bring them in.
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    actually one thing i do miss, is the post-dga threads where people would talk about the event just gone.

    kind of makes it hard for us plebs who haven't been for a couple years to get a feel for how the current dgas are going. ie: kind of games actually being played, kind of people going, that sort of thing.


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      Evo3 or bust?


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        Fair enough, will be sure to do those in the future. ^_^ Usually I leave the threads open for the LAN's so that people can comment in them, but a wrap up is a good idea. I think I did a few earlier this year, but just stopped doing them (not many people seemed to comment in them).


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          just an example of a good one. obviously a bit harder with limited numbers, but good for getting a community feeling


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            i get hard at the thought of an evo!!


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