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NOS Lan 10.01 Jan 1010

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  • NOS Lan 10.01 Jan 1010

    Nitro Offline Sports LAN for the month of November. Starting at around 7PM on Friday 8th Jan and finishing around 2130 on Saturday 9th Jan.

    $20 for registration (pricing may be negotiated if you're going to miss significant portions of the LAN), both cash and EFTPOS are accepted forms of payment.

    As air conditioning is avaliable in two rooms at Abundant Life, the exact location will be decided on the Friday of the LAN dependant on how many people have registered for the LAN. The number of people who are listed under "Who's Going ?" are those counted as registered.
    < 18 Smaller, kids church room.
    > 18 Larger, cafe area with the kids church room as a "quiet zone".

    Please sign up on site for Whos going (Addme Button)
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    Hmmm, I thought this was today since it said 10th of the first, guess I miss out.


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      don't worry didn't happen since no one had come so it was cancelled


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