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    The Mechwarrior: Living Legends mod for Crysis (vanilla Crysis, NOT Warhead) was absolutely goddamned epic. Unfortunately only 4 of us had copies of Crysis installed - which didn't detract in any way from the awesome except to add longer delays between engagements - the reason for this is that the maps are designed for 32 players.

    Ideally, we want more people ready to play at the next DGA - i for one intend to play it all night again - so here's what you need if you want to join in:

    Crysis patched up to 1.2.1
    Crysis 1.2 patch from 'node
    Crysis 1.2.1 hotfix from 'node
    and the beta of the mod itself from - we were playing version 0.2.0 but 0.3.0 will be out any day now so i wont directly link to the download.

    I have to say, for such an early beta the game is surprisingly robust - a few people had issues being unable to run it but beyond that it was almost flawless and I'm hoping the runtime issue will be solved by the new release.

    issues we experienced:
    * shitful controls for aircraft (has the Crysis issue of inverted mouse applying to all control sets or none - they have got an early release of an application to remap controls: Spotlight : MWLL Actionmapper which may sort this)
    * some geometry issues - i fell through the map after jumpjetting onto a large rock
    * i'm too awesome on foot - work around for this was i couldn't take my beautiful PPC

    awesomes we experienced:
    * your first core breach....
    * low G mech combat
    * other stuff

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    Should post this up on the DGA site


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      I tried it online, but unfortunately the connection was in the states (called boss server) and was laggy.

      On the LAN was very smooth and enjoyable. As Aegis said 0.3.0 is up very soon and hope more players will play it at the next lan.

      If you have not already check out some of the screenies and videos on youtube.


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        Spirit just let me know 0.3.0 is out now! If you had an earlier copy installed, make absolutely certain you remove it before installing the 0.3.0 release.

        MechWarrior: Living Legends

        also a reminder that Crysis is only $20 in EB at the moment: I noticed palmy was displaying them as 1/2 off $60 so make sure you tell them to check their own website if the pricing is wrong in your store (the bricks-n-mortars aren't always fully up to date with the franchise's pricing).


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          Kernal has mentioned an inability to get the mod running on steam - he tried using the Crysis in-game mod launcher but according to the MWLL devs that feature is failcakes. Read the following!

          [DEV] Installation guide & general hints
          Crashes when the running the game from steam or using the ingame mod launcher.

          For any user of steam, or anyone who launches the mod from the ingame mod launcher, this is known to cause crashes. This at one time was completely non-functional, and due to the lack of extensive mods never REALLY got tested before crysis became an unsupported game by crytek, so more than likely it is broken. However, launching directly into the mod fixes many crashes. Here are the steps:

          For Steam:

          Launch steam.
          Right click crysis
          click properties
          click "Set Lauch Options"
          type in "-mod mwll"
          Click ok and your are good to run the game. Note, this runs the mod every time you play crysis, delete this line to revert to the old game.

          For others:
          Use the provided launcher
          other suggestions from that thread:

          -Giving yourself a name in game-

          When you first play online you'll notice your name is Nomad. To change this you need to go to the main menu, go to profiles, then hit New Profile, the name you give your profile is the name you use in Multiplayer. ( Remember that when you do this, you have to reinstall the action maps for your new profile like in the example above)


          I myself have had quite a few crashes and found that by following the instructions below, you can reduce some of those crashes.

          If you experiencing crashes try the following:

          Navigate to your "My Documents\My Games\Crysis" folder, and delete your shaders folder, by doing this, the cry engine will re-download the shaders for the mod. I find this helped to stop most of my crashes in game.

          If your experiencing crashes before even getting in game try deleting your "My Documents\My Games\Crysis" folder all together. Don't worry this will be replaced upon the first start up of Crysis.

          And remember to replace your Actionmaps.xml after doing this as to not mess up your in game controls.

          Also if your willing, you may want to uninstall your other add-ons for crysis as this may interfere with mod.

          -Crashing In The Menu System-

          Try to disable your Anti Virus, as it seems that any file change in the Crysis Directory is triggering your Anti Virus.

          AVG - Real Time protection, set to off or shutdown helps as well - Thanks lessergod

          OR do the following with AVG to add a path:

          "Tools > Advanced Settings > Resident Shield > Directory Excludes > Add Path" -Thanks Scarfox
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            oh and if you are having ANY troubles with the game, make sure you check the MD5 hash for your download - apparently a couple of the mirrors had corrupt copies:
            Troubleshooting - Mechwarrior Living Legends Wiki

            Your MWLL Installation has modified files. Please Revert them to their original state to play.

            * Always remember to remove previous MWLL directory from your Crysis\Mods directory before starting new, standalone installer (like the one for version 0.2.0 or 0.3.0)
            * This could mean that you downloaded your file and it got corrupted on the way. Please grab this program
            MD5sums for Windows
            And extract it anywhere, for example on your desktop. Then drag & drop your MWLL Setup .exe file on this program which will open up a dos box. It will take a while to calculate the md5sum. The resulting string should match the following:
            MWLL 0.2.0 : 64f7079a152a89266294aca1d63c5353
            If they don't match your file got corrupted. Please use the Torrent file instead. Torrent already ensures that the file being downloaded is sane. Then remove the mwll directory and install the mod again.
            just noticed, i can't find the hash for 0.3.0 ><


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              Hash for 0.3.0 is fa8da65ab4f554e3e3457679be7c24a6

              I am currently downloading it from the german mirror as according to the forums, this is the only DL that works... We will see if they are lying to me in about 30 minutes! (downloaded 0.3.0 from Node and it too failed).


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                Turns out... DON"T use the launcher app that comes with the game. And when hosting a local lan server, remove all the dodgy crysis maps from the map rotation and add the Mech ones... this will make the server run proper.... *thanks aegis for the help...* now all that has to happen is my new lappy needs to arrive and be configured, then I "may" make an appearance at the LAN


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                  I play with steam crysis no issues. Was running it at the last DGA.


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                    New 0.3.1 hotfix patch out

                    Linkage - MWLL 0.3.1 Hotfix - Released

                    0.3.1 Changlog
                    ================================================== ================
                    - resolved scoring and ranking issues due to order-of-magnitude changes
                    - damage rewards increased per unit damage
                    - resolved flashing/intermittent HUD indicators for MISSILE, NARC, TAG
                    - revamped HUD indicators for ECM, Active Probes, LAMS and C3 to fit with existing aesthetic
                    - C3 rewards are now appropriate
                    - BA myomer sound decreased by 2dB
                    - hit feedback sound increased by 10x
                    - change Betty destroyed notification weightings to favour "DESTROYED" more, improved intelligibility
                    - resolved client-side entity spawn crash

                    - Added window title information including the actionmaps name currently being viewed/edited, along with tags for if its been modified or is active
                    - Added Next/Prev Weapons group actions to Vehicle tab
                    - Added "Deploy" action to tank tab (used for Long Tom)
                    - Added "Sell Vehicle" action to Vehicle tab
                    - Added digital roll left/right actions for VTOL and Aero tabs
                    - Added additional "XI" axis to Mech/Tank/VTOL/Aero tabs
                    - Added "New Actionmaps" and "Set Active" buttons to top of screen for better new user visibility
                    - Added "Left or Right" selection dialog when Shift, Control, or Alt keys are pressed since detection library can't determine by itself
                    - Added helpful text when clicking on an action marked with "?" to let user know they need to create a New Actionmaps to map it
                    - Restructured VTOL and Aerospace tab actions
                    - Fixed using "Set Active" on unsaved actionmaps could lead to unsaved changes not getting saved
                    - Fixed Player tab "Jump"/"Jump Jet" rebinding since Player BA needs both set to same key
                    - Fixed issue with "XI Fire" actions by showing them in the Vehicle tab in case of conflicts

                    - fixed numerous crashes
                    - the profiles backup/restore can no longer result in data loss or data corruption: upon error, the original state of the folder will be restored

                    EXPLOIT FIXES
                    - fix for buying vehicle, suiciding, boarding vehicle and reselling, 2 minute "sell vehicle" cooldown timer, timer is bound to vehicle not player

                    - improved server-side logging feature for debug

                    - SA_Frostbite, particle performance improved, night "blizzard" effect
                    - SA_Frostbite now supports Test of Strength mode
                    - SA_Marshes, particle performance improved, ToD issues
                    - SA_Mirage, night/day cycle improved

                    - BA Micro Beam Laser, decreased damage and increased refire interval (5.5 seconds)
                    - buy menu now prevents purchase of BA Micro Beam Laser in vehicles
                    - BA AC2 weapon damage adjusted, no longer one-shot kill, damage to vehicles is appropriate
                    - AC10/AC20 damage increased
                    - variant change for MadCat B, removed LAMS, added 2x DHS, no longer causes global warming
                    ================================================== ================

                    For those that are unable to run the updater executable on a game server environment, the following is the updated file listing:

                    Nice small list of things they fixed. Jealous you will be playing it a DGA and I will not be there!


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                      Thanks spir - I've got the hotfix and will upload it to one of the servers at the DGA along with the working 0.3.0 installer for anyone that doesn't have it yet.