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DGA MMX Hotel & Starcraft II Tournament

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  • Epic! DGA MMX Hotel & Starcraft II Tournament

    Register up here. LAN Events ? Darwin Gamers Association

    DGA Hotel is here on Friday!

    Go and register up!

    Door Prize - Razer Death Adder mice.
    General stuff is normal BUT~~ we are proud to announce
    Starcraft II 2v2 Tournament
    The following as goes. A simple knockout tournament will be held. A knockout tournament is divided into successive rounds; each team plays in at most one fixture per round. The top-ranked competitors in each fixture progress to the next round. As rounds progress, the number of competitors and fixtures decreases, and the final round consists of just one fixture, the winner of which is the overall champion.
    To keep the fun and to keep the people who didn't win their round interested and whatnot - the losers will then battle each other if they wish to compete for the remaining spots on the ladder.
    $160 for first
    $100 for second
    $60 for third
    And other cash likely $20 or more for the best replay of the night. So save your replays and submit them to Lothar(more info on the night on how to find your replay and upload it to me).
    ** Please also note if there is a significant amount of teams (15 or more) the prize money will increase.
    $15 per team.
    How it is to go down:
    First rounds are to start at 9pm(this means you should be paid and registered before hand). This should give everyone ample time to setup and get going.
    Simple best out of three games.
    Only 3 maps to choose from (see below). Teams will flip a coin and who wins will choose the next map. Then the looser will get to choose another map for the next round or keep the map.
    Due to Starcraft II being an online game (however much traffic does go on in the lan) most of the Internet will be blocked / off limits during game play and will be opened up later on in the night.
    When will it finish. Games generally should take 20 minutes or so. I say 30 minutes per round with a max of 3 rounds (some times a win is 2 rounds). Say if we have 12 teams there is 2 rounds and a few finals. Finals should end by about 1am or 2am.
    Generally looking over peoples shoulders is ok but DGA now owns it's own Projector. This will be set up in a corner for people to view and look at the game in progress, most likely it will be run from my PC as I will be competing. If you would like for your computer to be broadcast please let me know (it will be a simple plug a DVI cable into your grafix card).
    Discord IV
    High Orbit
    Scorched Haven
    * I require two additional helpers for this tournament that will understand how it goes and to help where required. Please message me personally wherever this message appears (it is on GU and FB and also and I will inform you everything.

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    Now i need to find a way in for that!!! If theres anyone going like to pick me up id pay for fuel for the lift in and back home 30 bucks or so!!


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      Post here and on FB and see if anyone can give you a lift.