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  • prefix_Epic_title_rich Lothar signing out!

    Well it is time for me to head off. I am moving to Perth this coming Thursday for good if all goes to plan. This means I can't fulfil most of my responsibility as the Vice Presedent of DGA but alas Dragon and Kagetsu will just have to pick up the slack. I will be helping out in the background and putting my input in where it is needed so it is not like I am disappearing completely.

    I love been in Darwin, love going to lan's and helping out where I can. Most of these events is not possible without you people the gamers. A big thanks goes out to those who have helped me now and in the past (in no particular order) Spiritwalker, Kagetsu, Papadom/Kidcynic, Longtom, Aegis, Korny, Krozen, D4MAGE, WhishfullThinking, DragonXR, NeoTheo, Insidius and Unseen.

    But this is a special case. A big thanks to Raker for all the work he has done. (and for selling them screens to me)

    Most of my mates know that I am heading off but some of you don't so I though I would let you know.

    I wont be disappearing off the radar completely (although this is sort of the pan) I do have a laptop and a 3g card so I will be up for a game every so often.

    When I am back in Darwin I will come down and have a game or 3. And if anyone knows of lans down in Perth let me know here and I will see you there.
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    terminator, tn1, jugv2, salvation are the main one i can think of that have made the migration to perth. hit them up for gaming info in perth.
    good luck with the move.


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      Thanks Lothar, happy to help where I can.

      Good luck in Perth.

      Make sure you look up the original Mr DGA > TrustNo1(TN1) while you there.


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        good luck, have fun and take care Lothar.


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          best wishes bro, make sure you turn Perth on its head once your arrive


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            keep in touch bro, you finishing your uni down there?



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              Not finishing uni at first. Going down there to sort out my debts really. Get a job I like with a boss whom I can get along with. Find some cash and start saving like a mofo. Once I have all of that sorted I will be keeping an eye out for finishing off my Electronics Telecoms apprenticeship or start a new one in Aeronautical Avionics.

              Mmm love the tube track.


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                I'm sure I'm not alone when saying a big thank you squire, the past years of going to DGA's and forming friendships outside of that environment have been unbelievable.

                The hordes of monsters we've killed, rounds we've played, dungeons we've run, and sleepless nights we've spent pulling our hair out over figuring how the hell are we going to down bosses are both countless and entirely remember able all at once. Not to mention the fricken-Goliath-tonne of work (not to mention the hours) you put into our little WoW guild just to get everyone up and running is truly astounding.

                But all good things must eventually come to an end, and looking back on it all - shit it was a fu*kload of fun

                have a blast down south bro, and I'll be sure to catch up for a beer when we do end up travelling down to Perth to play gigs in the near future.



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                  Originally posted by Knight Of Nih View Post
                  terminator, tn1, jugv2, salvation are the main one i can think of that have made the migration to perth. hit them up for gaming info in perth.
                  good luck with the move.


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                    Originally posted by BrAiN DaNcE View Post
                    sorry, you got married and your life is over


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                      You can think that all you like Knight.... Brain has already offered to show me around the Lan scene down there...


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                        Not really the big lan scene, we just have awesome house lans every 2-3 months


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                          Enjoy, hope it all goes well for you.


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                            paladin used to live down there i think. you should get a job in the mines... might have contacts if you are keen


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                              For those interested in my tale. Well It has now been about 3 or 4 months since I have made the move, and not looking back . I have picked myself a job at iiNet as a lovely CSR. I recon that it is a good carrier move to do whatever I see fit in an ISP company. My manager has already addressed me as to where I want to go and he has helped me in the right direction. I recon I can get into the Network Op's and Control centre within a year or so if not quicker if I decide to go that way. Or presue my RHCE / linux system admin and get into other areas.

                              With the NBN coming in full steam (shortly) I can only see my options open up wider and greater for this opportunity. And believe it or not I am having a ball on the phones talking to the customers already.

                              And if all else fails. I can still pick up my Electronics Telecommunications trade again and get on the tools.

                              But I have made the move (and fucked off out of home) and defiantly made it now.


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