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  • Epic! DGA MMXI Charlie

    DGA MMXI Charlie

    DGA would like to invite all our gamers of the Northern Territory to our third LAN Event for 2011.

    We have been planning and organising a big event to show you the gamers that DGA can bring it.
    This event will bring forth the makings of a new era is LAN based gaming and social interactions.
    We have dug deep and are going all out.
    Firstly we have:

    Upgraded our Network to Full Gigabit with a Managed Core Switch
    Upgraded our Power Box for better distributed and stable power
    Brought on 3 new Sponsors.
    • Welcome Cut Price Computers in Winnellie (New Owner)
    • Welcome in Palmerston
    • Welcome CIS - they are providing the new Cat 6 Gigabit Compliant Data Cabling

    Brought back the BBQ, no long waits for Pizza's anymore. Enjoy the taste and smell of the Aussie BBQ
    Configured Dedicated Servers of the Popular Games
    • Counter Strike Source
    • Team Fortress 2
    • Quake 3 Arena
    • Call of Duty 4
    • Teeworlds

    Last but not least
    Over $1000 Of prizes to be given away and won
    ASUS 18.5 inch display
    ATI Radeon HD 5770 Graphics
    NVIDIA GTS 450
    Razer Salmosa
    Razer Pro|Type Keyboard
    Silverstone Raven Mouse

    Now all we need now is YOU, we want you there to enjoy all these new additions to DGA.
    Bring yourself, your friends, your girlfriends, yes I said girlfriend, you know all the gamers these days have so many girls wanting to see them flex their gaming muscles.
    We also want to see other gamer girls too.

    We look forward to seeing you on 27th May at 6PM.
    See below for more details of this event.

    Bring it on.

    • Darwin Community Arts
    • The IT Shack
    • Cut Price Computers
    • Communications Installation Services (CIS)
    • KiKFM

    Event Information
    DATE: Friday 27th May - Saturday 28th May.

    ENDS: 12PM

    LOCATION: Around the back of Malak shops. The old Video 2000 building.

    ENTRY: $25 at the Door

    RESERVATIONS Please contact us to arrange table allocation for you and your friends - via Dragon XR


    $3 sausage sandwich which includes a drink
    $5 steak sandwich which includes a drink


    DGA is planning on having a Drink Vending machine onsite which will cost $1.20. Drink will include popular softdrinks and water.

    REGISTRATION: DGA Event Registration

    LIMIT: 35-45 people.


    • Door Prize - You must be registered and on site before 9PM to be eligible.
    • TEEWorlds FFA Competition with Prize
    • Computer Benchmarking Competition - 3D Mark 06 & 11
    • Best looking Computer overall Competition

    Detailed Explaination

    Door Prize:

    Out of the hat draw for everyone who registered, arrived on time and paid up before 9pm

    Teeworlds: FFA DM ladder
    • 2 servers will be setup depending on how many people attend
    • The maximum we can have in this comp is 32 people.
    • 2 rounds scores tallied.
    • 1st 8 players in both servers after the 1st 2 rounds will go on to play in a final round of 16 players.
    • Last 8 of both servers will fight to determine the rankings
    • Points will be posted online.

    Computer Benchmarking Competition

    Using 3D mark we will determine who has the best gaming machine. Sponsors may enter their best machine to show gamers what is possible.

    Best looking Computer overall Competition

    Scores are done by a 1-10 rating of the following:
    • Tidiness of Case
    • Quantity of Dust
    • How many cables are shown
    • Good use of neon lights.
    • How well the case has been presented.
    • Practical use of cabling and arrangement.

    Time Table

    18:00 Doors Open / Setup
    19:00 BBQ Dinner
    19:30 TeeWorlds Competition
    21:00 Break, leech required files from DGA file servers.
    22:00 Quake 3 CTF & CSS Scrim - Have a team of 5 ready.
    00:00 Computer Benchmarking Competition with Best looking Computer overall Competition
    01:00 Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare TDM
    03:00 Door Prize
    04:00 - 07:00 Freetime or Sleep
    08:00 breakfast.
    09:00 armagetron
    10:00 FarCry 2 FFA
    12:00 Pack up

    Participants are encouraged to play the games on the timetable however if you are unable to play or obtain a copy of certain games*the dedicated Teeworlds, Quake 3, Counter Strike - Source and Call of Duty 4 servers will be online.

    Hope to see you all there!!
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    Where? When? How much?


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      Originally posted by Mungus View Post

      Where? When? How much?
      Originally posted by DragonXR
      Event Information
      DATE: Friday 27th May - Saturday 28th May.

      STARTS: 6PM
      ENDS: 12PM

      LOCATION: Around the back of Malak shops. The old Video 2000 building.

      ENTRY: $25 at the Door


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        ok i am apparently tripping balls, i swear i couldn't see that before


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          Looking forward to catching up with you, Raker!


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            Registered! This'll be my first LAN since EVO 5 2005 I think. So keen


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              Hey Xaine, I noticed you registering.

              It will be great to catch up.

              Its going to be a packed event with a tight timetable so it should be heaps of fun.

              Look forward to seeing some old skoolrz


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                i hate to piss on the time table - but Brink is out in a week...


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                  Thats not very nice Aegis. We worked hard on that timetable, and now we need to remove all your piss

                  How many people are going to have it before the end of the month?


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                    like 2 millions.... or at least most GU'ers will have it.


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                      Thanks Ratty, I would prefer to narrow that down to people who will be attending DGA at the end of the month


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                        it's the one shitty thing about steam (aside from region fucking) - that you can't see which of your friends have pre-ordered a game without going into their actual profiles to check. But I know damn near everyone on my friends list has bought it. Hell even Kernal has and he can't play games anymore


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                          since the server files are being released on sat. ill chop up a server and have a dedicated brink server up and online.


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                            Wow this looks awesome good work guys!

                            I can't wait to come to this one for sure.

                            I also prepurchased brink btw.


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                              Originally posted by dragon xr View Post
                              since the server files are being released on sat. ill chop up a server and have a dedicated brink server up and online.