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  • DGA MMXI kudos

    Just a thanks for the guys who organised and got it up and running, as usual was a great time.

    best organised DGA in a while, even though the timetable was a little behind schedule (what LAN is ever on schedule).

    TEEWORLD was a fucken BLAST!!!
    Was great having old school Q3 and CSS comps (aside from the allowing of AWPS , that needs to be addressed next time)
    Hell of a lot of prizes.

    was especially impressed with giving away the video card to the kid with the lowest rated card, thats the sort of thing that makes people return to these events.

    so congrats guys, looking forward to future events.
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    Whens the next one?


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      the next lan is 6pm, Friday 29th July 2011. looking forward to seeing you all there


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        Yeah top effort lads - awesome new gear you have running the network too. It's good to see the DGA isn't scared of upgrading it's equipment after all

        CS:S was actually entertaining again - though I didn't rate the last map in the tourney - where the fuck did that one come from??

        also top marks to Dragon for dealing with the old sow trying to get DGA to get off her lawn (additional points awarded to Yogi for standing beside Dragon, while she raged, wearing a shirt that said "when i give a shit, you'll be the first one to know") ;P


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          Yeah thanks guys, I had a great time!

          Apologies for not coming back and helping pack up in the morning. Staggered into bed around 6am and woke up again at 6pm


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            Yeh props to the organisers and sponsers. Some mad prizes given away and a good turn out.


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              sure was a big event and I'm glad I didn't miss it, maybe q3 ctf next lan?, I was kind of hanging out for that as I organized many servers for it, was great fun to play the biggest q3 ffa I've ever had on lan peaking 16 players for 12Min/1Sec (Statistics for that here)

              I'm very happy for the kid to win a decent card, prizes like this are great.


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