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DGA MMXi Charlie Wrap Up

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  • DGA MMXi Charlie Wrap Up

    Good Afternoon GU,

    The LAN event has come and gone already. It is only 60 days now until the next one.

    I've got to say this LAN was awesome in all senses that a LAN can be.

    We had over 40 people gaming during the event, lots of opportunity to win prizes and excellent gaming.

    DGA was working to a very tight timetable, however due to a few challenges it was about 9:30PM before we officially kicked off the event.

    After the kick off we had a lucky door prize which was a HD5770 Video Card sponsored by from Palmerston. What we did was ask the audience who had the worst video card in their case at that moment. A few people called out, 8800 Ultra, 8800 GTX, 8800 GT, however the winner was Grey_Leader_Noob who had a 8800 GTS.

    Second lucky door prize was sponsored by CMAX Cinema Palmerston, everyone received a 2 for 1 Free Entry Voucher. We gave out over 35 vouchers which was everyone there at that time.

    This is when we kicked off the Teeworlds Comp. This went off really well and well received which was great. The winner was tagoC who came in late however ended up pwning everyone. He received a ASUS LED Monitor donated by IT Shack.

    Next was the CounterStrike Source 5-a-side team comp. All those interested in CSS put their name on the whiteboard which we divided everyone into random teams, however some gamers came to the LAN with their team established. We are encouraging people for the next Event to do this as it would be great to see Clans/Teams come and challenge each other again. The winners took out the grand prize of a packet of ChupaChups to share. We also shared another packet around to all the other attendees.

    Benchmarking was then on the agenda. Now we thought that we would use 3D Mark 06 as everyone should be able to run it, however this wasn't the case. It seemed most people had driver errors, so we tried out something new, GeekBench. This did some simple tests on the processor and memory and could be tested across all platforms. The winner had a score of 13750 and received a Razer Salmosa Gaming Mouse sponsored by Cut Price Computers.

    As it was getting quite late we drew the Door Prize which was a Razer Pro| Type Keyboard sponsored by Cut Price Computers and won by Elizabeth a good friend of our other sponsor David from IT Shack.

    The raffle was then drawn which was a Antec LANBOY Air Case donated by IT Shack which was won by DNR.

    That left us with 2 more competitions to run, the Best Built System and Best FPS Champion. Best Built was handled by Dragon who inspect all the entered cases for the cleanest, quietest and best layout case. There was about 4 entries and the overall winner was Balthazzar666 and he received a Silverstone Raven Gaming Mouse provided by Cut Price Computers.

    While Dragon was case inspecting I got the Best FPS Champion comp running with Quake 3 Arena and the first person to 100 Frags in a Free For All type game would be deemed champion of FPS. It was a hard fought battle which I participated, however I just couldn't catch WishfulThinking and Bald Eagle who came 1st and 2nd respectively. The Winner received a Zalman FPSGUN Gaming Mouse donated by General Scientific and a $40 CMAX Cinema Voucher donated by Rebmoc.

    After that the event started to wind down as it was freetime, which meant the attendees could be what they pleased. We did notice that the majority of people left around 4:30am. Dragon stayed through the night and found there was only about 5 people left at 6:30am.

    Overall the event was a fantastic success. We overcome some great challenges and had a blast giving away all the prizes and watching the competitions going off.

    There is a list of people we would like to thank for making this event possible, up to and on the day.

    Firstly our Sponsors:
    • David from IT Shack for all the prizes, support and helping DGA with purchasing the new network gear.
    • Andrew & Penny from CMAX Cinema Palmerston for donating all the 2 for 1 Free Entry Vouchers.
    • Alan from Communication Installation Services (CIS) for donating over 250 meters of Cat 6 Data Cabling.
    • Anthony from for donating the ATI HD 5770
    • Rod from Cut Price Computers for helping DGA purchase the Mice & Keyboard Prizes.
    • Paul from Rebmoc for the CMAX Voucher and helping DGA purchase the Drinks
    • Adam from General Scientific for donating the Zalman FPS GUN gaming mouse.

    Everyone else:
    • Lee Brabazon (ZeReaper) for rebuilding the Power Board from the ground up, which gave DGA a excellent and stable power source and also for going to JB Hifi to get me the video adaptor.
    • Kagetsu for handling all the money and allowing Dragon and myself to concentrated on running the event.
    • Deadpool and Xaine for assembling the BBQ and helping DGA with food preparation and replacing the gas bottle.
    • Vorly for getting out of the house and coming to our event. Also for assisting with the ice.
    • Yogi, Spiritwalker, Aegis, Fool for all your help assisting Dragon and myself during the setup. I think I may have missed someone.
    • WishfulThinking! for your effort with the Quake 3 Server and I see you have uploaded all the stats too.

    All the photos from this event are are available at Event Gallery - Darwin Gamers Association. Our past events will be also available for viewing in a couple of days too. Dragon will also be uploading the Teeworlds and CSS Comp Demo Files. Wishful's are available now at Gaming Northern Territory.

    Again thank you all for attending this LAN event, we wanted it to be great and I think we achieved that.

    We are very interested in what you have to say about this event. Please comment on this post and help us enhance your experience at our next event which will be DGA MMXi (delta) on 29th July 2011. Registration for this event will open in about 40 days. Please sign up early so we can cater for everyone interested in attending.

    In the lead up to the next event we are seeking assistance from interest gamers who want to be a part of the DGA team by helping us setup and packup each event. Please post if you would like to help us keep DGA going and continue the DGA LAN Experience.

    See you all at the next event.

    You may view the full post DGA MMXi Charlie Wrap Up - Darwin Gamers Association and latest posts at Darwin Gamers Association

    The DGA Team
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    very nice, and was a good turn out. would of stayed longer but long drive back home :/


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      yeh unfortunately im too old to be doing the pass out on the floor thing, was ok when i didn't have a car back in the day but these days my nice comfy bed is only 15 minutes away at most lol


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        Originally posted by Ratty View Post
        my nice comfy bed is only 15 minutes away at most lol
        Last edited by Wishful Thinking!; 09-05-18, 10:34 PM.


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          alright guys... i need a LAN event. who is ready to feel the pain? css / wc3 anyone?


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            Originally posted by brownie View Post
            alright guys... i need a LAN event. who is ready to feel the pain? css / wc3 anyone?
            depends can you still shoot straight


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              Originally posted by brownie View Post
              alright guys... i need a LAN event. who is ready to feel the pain? css / wc3 anyone?
              Totally keen but not really free for a month


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                i havn't played for 12 months... should be able to... ill do my drag head shot trick


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                  DGA is at the end of July and a NOS LAN is on next Friday 10th and Saturday 11th.

                  We can see you down there and own you. Then you can come along to DGA and we can own you again.

                  Look forward to catching up either way.


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