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DGA MMXi Delta - Registration Open

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  • Lothar
    Make sure you register up to make sure we have enough chairs for you laid out.

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  • RakeR
    started a topic Epic! DGA MMXi Delta - Registration Open

    DGA MMXi Delta - Registration Open

    wrap up on DGA MMXi Charlie and the gallery.

    We have also secured our great sponsors to help us out again:
    • IT Shack
    • Darwin Community Arts
    • Cut Price Computers
    • General Scientific
    • Rebmoc Leisure and Hire
    • KiKFM
    • Communication Installation Services
    Now to announce the event and the timetable.

    We are doing things a little differently this time. We will be finishing the event earlier then normal (4AM). This is due to the amount of people that leave at about this time and we also want assistance packing the event away afterwards.

    We would appreciate anyone who is able to help us setup and pack down the event to come forward and put their hand up. Doing this will allow the admin team to run the event more efficiently and to the timetable.


    Admission Fee will be $30 which will include dinner which will be the BBQ. The BBQ will be a sausage sizzle, so we will have enough food for everyone to eat at 7PM and MIDNIGHT.

    Drinks will be $1.50 and sold separately

    • Team Fortress 2
    • Counter Strike Source
    • Teeworlds
    • Call of Duty MW2
    • Halo
    • Trackmania

    DGA will be setting up a console game that will be available to play throughout the event.

    This game will be arcade style which means their will be a leaderboard to show off the best of the best on the night.

    We have thought about some great games that we can play so bring your skills and play off against all those who take on the challenge.

    TIMETABLESo now that you know what is going on, all we need is for you to register and come down and have a great time.

    We look forward to seeing you at the event so bring down your l33t gaming rig, competitive nature and all round good times and DGA will make it great.

    Dont forget to like DGA on Facebook, follow DGA on twitter and join the DGA Steam Community, also check out the DGA forums at Gamers Underground.

    You may view the full post at DGA MMXi Delta - Darwin Gamers Association
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