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    hey guys ive been coming to lans since i was 16 (now 25) and every time i sign up i struggle to find the registration button

    can someone please put a big


    button in for me and everyone else.

    if you notice everything else on the page is bigger and easier to read than the "visit the events page to register" button
    Click image for larger version

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    This is how it has been done in the past and how you can do it now. 25 other people had no problems 'Just sayin' however Raker will probally take a look at it and put something else in.Click image for larger version

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      it's easier to find without drugs, Kiza


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        It's easier to see when you draw big red rings around it.


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          Kiza, thanks for the feedback.

          You would prefer that to be a button over Text?


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            i think that the primary function for the darwingamers website is to register for the event. and the secondary function is to serve as a darwin gamers news site i know i only go to the site when its time to register for the event which makes me think that it needs to be easier to find

            if on the main page there was a big easy to see button that either led you to a login screen if you havent logged in yet which then once logged in registers you and if you have logged in immediately registers you and shows you the attendance list.

            i knicked this off another site but just as an example
            Click image for larger version

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            easy to see and simple to understand

            by the way on a side note i overheard you talking last night about a lan during the day... ie starting at 10 am i think that is a brilliant idea. i also thing you will get a much larger attendance. all in all a great night last night... props to the admins for organising the event...


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              i miss the evo's


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                I actually agree with Kiza.

                After clicking his link to the screenshot, it took me about a minute to actually see the register button.
                Regulars will know where it is off by heart - but making it stand out a bit more for newbies wouldn't hurt


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                  Thanks KIZA, I have updated the Register button in the header.

                  It isnt as big as the example you have provided, however check it out an let me know.

                  Regarding the during the Day Event, we just need to scope out the availability of the Location and we will see if we can get the go ahead


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                    Check out the new rego button LAN Events - Darwin Gamers Association

                    Also while you are there click it and register for the September Event
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                      thats brilliant... i like it!


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                        I hope that it helps more people register early for the events so the crew can prepare and cater for the gamers who will be showing up and attending.


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