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Darwin Gamers - LAN Party Summary - MMXii Bravo

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  • Epic! Darwin Gamers - LAN Party Summary - MMXii Bravo

    Good Evening GU,

    Darwin Gamers just completed it's 2nd LAN Party for 2012 last weekend.

    This event was crazy.

    For those that missed it make sure you get yourself and a friend to the next one.

    Head over to Darwin Gamers website to view this LAN Party Event wrap up.

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    Great photos.
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      Yes Zev, you missed a good one.

      The best thing about the LAN is having a perfectly working system at home and then when you get it to the LAN it take 3 hours to get it working. At come down with your busted PC to get it working, that the fun part

      The chair was to get the Internet Cable out of the ceiling. Quite annoying, we are thinking about something better for the next one.

      Dont be a stranger, gear up for the next on 30th June.

      Also if you need a new system or need help fixing the one you have, go and see our two great sponsors:

      IT Shack in Casuarina and Cut Price Computers in Winnellie (under new management)


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        cheers, I'll have a look round and see what parts I can get. my motivation is FarCry 3 in September haha. but yeah I've been needing a new one for quite some time.


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          keep an eye out for Space Marine in the mid-year sales too - MP in that game on a LAN is fucking wicked