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    The weekend of Saturday 27th April is going to be very busy.

    Impact LAN - April 26-27. 5pm till 8am
    ASLAN - April 27. 10am till 10pm
    LaserLan - April 27. 7pm till 7am

    You could LAN most of the weekend away.


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    26 hours of gaming goodness at Streetgeek this weekend.

    Friday March 3rd - 7pm Start
    Saturday March 4th - 9pm Finish

    Folks - this month's LAN is Star Wars themed.


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      Feeling the chill? Why not celebrate it instead?

      Its that magical time of the year again! Winter-een-mas is coming!

      We're gearing up for one of the most prolific events on StreetGeek's social schedule. Winter-ee-nmas is one of our headline events, and it's the one with the most eagerly anticipated tournament schedule.

      Where: 560 Goodwood Road, Daw Park SA 5042
      When: 7:00pm 19th July to 9:00pm 20th July
      How much?: $20 for PC, $10 for Console


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        New LAN added to Original Post.


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          The weekend after next (6-8 Dec) is going to be insane in Adelaide.

          Two LAN's on the same weekend. Streetgeek on Friday 6th 7pm till Saturday 8th 9pm and the NEW LANpp on Sunday 8th 10:30am till Midnight.


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