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    Since DGA is now dead, does anyone still have all the old photo galleries?
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    i have bits and pieces , what events or eras are you after mate?


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      All of them :p or at least up to the evo3/4 era.


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        I was looking for some myself and found the previous DGA site with alot of photos

        Anyone know how the new lans are going? Theres never any impressions so I figure not so good


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          The new events arent going so bad! Considering the v8's were on last LAN we had a pretty good turn out. The most promising thing we have found is that all the gamers that are attending are new faces. People that havent been to a Darwin LAN before!!! If we could get an amalgamation of both old and new gamers coming then i think we will be able to properly bring LAN parties back to Darwin, the ball is in your court!


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