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Arcade machine $50 "Super Hang-on"

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  • prefix_FS_title_rich Arcade machine $50 "Super Hang-on"

    Not currently working and needs a few repairs. I repair them as a side gig but I'm busy with other units and this one is getting in the way at the workshop. The unit is complete and original. This unit needs the monitor chassis looked at, a new transformer a power supply and a little TLC. Game board worked last time it was turned on which was about 18 months ago... Just before the monitor chassis decided to take a holiday. I would repair and keep it and or sell it working for a lot more but as I mentioned I have many other units and I'm running out of room.

    A friend thought It would make a good Media centre, "Jukebox" feature piece in a games room or bar, He suggested swapping out the monitor for a 19" LCD removing the current game board and loom, installing a PC with Windows Media Centre and a wireless game controller to opperate it or even using a USB wiring harness and hooking up the throttle, handle bars and buttons to browes Media Centre, fit a pair of Logitech speakers with a sub woofer inside, that would rock! A cheap project for anyone that has a few PC parts laying around and a free weekend on their hands!

    $50 and It's yours! Bargain! Come and get it! I'm in Palmerston, My number is 0418473179. But please, no time wasters. I'd like it out this weekend but one way or another it's going this week!
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    What size is the monitor?? What type of output is to the screen???

    Does it take a standard arcade PSU???


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      It's in it's original state, not modified. Standard PSU set up, 240v-110v Tranny and or a 240v or 110v AC in to 12v/5v DC out unit attached to that. Both easy to buy and not expensive. PC PSU's are NOT RECOMENDED as a substitute as they are not adjustable and are not accurate enough in supplying power at the correct voltage at a constant!!! Monitor is 21". Speakers are 4" but room for logitech mods. Video output from chassis to game board is standard CGA/EGA. Give me a call if your genuinly interested, more than happy to answer any questions while I'm standing in front of the unit.
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        You let this one slip through my fingers.

        Andy, Jabsy is the guy who was going to come get it for a carton of piss ages ago before I went to adelaide, but I never got back to him about it, and Jason, meet Andy, he's the guy with the Super Hang on we spoke about.

        Any way, you two can sort it out now.


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          Well then Jabsy how about it? If your in Palmo I'll even deliver it! I need the room. $50 is cheaper than the beer I drink! Bargain!


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            Dont worry, I'm keen, however timing couldn't be much worse... I've been not working since February and the cashflow is non-existant. I have a spare arcade PSU here, but the only 21" I have is a VGA screen. I'll check what it syncs down to but at a guess I'd say only 31KHz anyway.

            You after anything else in particular as a trade????


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              btw where was that pic 4 taken?? Was it an auction, or was it some kind of meet???


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                I cant find the USB cord for the camera so I got a few pics of the net so people can at least see what it looks like as there were several different model types released. I can send a pic via mms to your phone if you'd like. PM me your number if you'd like this option. As for trade.... What do you have?


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                  dont worry about pics, I can get enough of an idea from the ones you posted. I'm in the pc repair/retail business so I have computer parts, I also collect old video games/computers etc so if theres anything in particular you are after, especially obscure bits????


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                    I'll have a chat to Daz and get back to you.



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                      This thing looks sweet
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                        Sold 13th April 6pm picked up, $50 paid! Thanks for taking that off my hands Korny.


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                          Keep me up to date with any progress. Send me a pic when it's done and I'll ley you know when the other one is ready.


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                            Originally posted by andyandy186 View Post
                            I'll have a chat to Daz and get back to you.



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                              Daz has been in hospital, I've been to busy, cant think of anything that I need regarding a swap from you at the moment, I certainly wasn't going to check back with everyone that p/msg and phoned me given the amount of time waisters, I've had 17 people contact me since the weekend and no one called back or came over when they said they would and I'm to busy to chase people down for the sale. I didn't need the money, I needed the space. If someone wants it they'll come and get it. No promises were made, no deposits were made and no deals were done this guy called at 3pm, said he wanted it and picked it up 3 hours later, He even called to let me know he was running late! Owning a retail business yourself I'm sure you know what I mean.

                              Thanks for the interest though I'll let you know of any more in the very near future via GU forum post's. And good luck with the business, I hope things start pick up soon.



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