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Lian-Li V2000 full tower case

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    Sorry I haven't been on for a while but the case is still available. It has 10 dedicated 3.5" HDD bays and 7 5 1/4" bays so 1 x optical and 16 HDD's she'll take.

    The case is light as so doesn't matter how much gear you through in it.

    Best is to just call or text me as I am in and of hospital on a regular basis. 0416-439-233

    Give me a reasonable and it yours if you are in Darwin, It just too big to post.


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      Got the case yesterday. It was exactly as advertised.

      Here's an idea - never use e-go to send anything from Darwin to Adelaide. 4 weeks to get here. Might have been better to use Bus Freight. Live and learn hey.


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        better bet is to never use road freight in the wet season.


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          Has anyone heard from Darren? He's not answering his PM's or Phone.


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            Originally posted by Spacecadet View Post
            Has anyone heard from Darren? He's not answering his PM's or Phone.
            Just hang on a bit longer, he's not always contactable these days.

            Give him a few days to get back to you.


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              I've hang-ed on for 10 days now and no answer to posts/PM's/Phone-calls/sms's.

              Does anyone know what's up with Darren?

              I need the HD mounting screws from the case I bought off him so I can mount my hard drives in the case.

              If someone has sees him tell him to contact me so I don't have to order the 48 screws needed from the USA and wait weeks for them.


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                Did you get any screws at all mate?

                If not I may be able to post you a few that I have here.

                I shall send you a PM with my number and give me a call / text. I am moving to tommorow morning so give me a call tonight and I can possibly send you some tommorow.


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