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WTB: Win 7 Ult

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  • WTB: Win 7 Ult

    Sooo, ages ago I ebayed Win 7 Ult, found one and I was extreamly happy with the price. Long story short, fuck PayPal, I need a CD Key...

    I remember someone had one for sale before the new L&F. That has since gone. Does anyone have any keys for sale or know where I can a legit one cheap.

    Also I can I just smack it into the pc somewhere or will I have to reinstall of the OS for home.

    I'll grind my teeth if I have to reimage but I'll get a SDD while I'm at it.
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    Anyone? Sent from my GT-I9305T using Tapatalk 2


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      i can get you one for $195.00

      thats a Cdkey only (same day order ) - option 2 i'll give you the cdkey the same day but if you want the sticker and cd you will have to wait few weeks lol
      if you want the sticker and cd in a rush i can get it to you asap just need extra for shipping

      you should just be able to input it in the System area (device manager area) as long as your putting Ultimate key onto and ultimate

      Pro to ultimate works
      Home pre - Pro / Ultimate works
      But Ultimate - Pro doesnt
      Pro - HOme prem doesn't work you cant go from the better version to the lesser version if you know what i mean ?

      0406994633 call me
      also i accept paypal payment for safety as i know your in townsville
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        if you order before friday its $185 cheaper but thats NO cd version


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          Thanks Korny, but I think I'll just get it from Scorptech with an SSD and write it off on tax. Price is comparable. Cheers anyway.


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