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  • Animated Short Videos

    here's some neat little videos:

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    very nice short films,

    the fight scene was quite awesome


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      yeah - reminds me of mirrors edge - must be the shoes

      think i'll use this thread to upload all the cool anims i've found in the past and will find in the future


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        Both very cool - fight scene in the first one is pretty good


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          another nicely done effort:


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            love the fire in this one
            [ame=]Mr. Eat HD on Vimeo[/ame]


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              this one i think is particularly relevant given the sheer bloody number of us that've no doubt played war FPS games

              [ame=""]Dailymotion - Dans la TĂȘte, a video from Esma-Movie. dans, la, tete, animation, [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@x7gwwa[/ame]


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                This is unreal! 6,000 hand-painted frames of animaition. 2 years in the making.

                [ame=]Khoda on Vimeo[/ame]


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                  Thats pretty damn impressive!


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                    that khoda one was fantastic


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                      reminds me - i forgot to post this - i'm sure you've all seen the vid of the passenger liner landing on the freeway and shunting an SUV along.. well, the dude hasn't been idle since making that:

                      [ame=]World Builder on Vimeo[/ame]


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                        any new killer beans?


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                          nadda - but make sure you buy it when it comes out - 85mins of KB goodness

                          there is this though - visual accompaniment to a book:
                          Robota - 480

                          Robota - 480

                          Robota - 480

                          think i've posted them before though. The book is awesome, and his how to paint book is wicked.

                          and there's this one from the early days of when the 3D apps started offering global illumination render engines:

                          and this one which is a tad more recent - has a very TF2 vibe to it but far far more awesome:
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                            here's one most of you will remember - posting because there's a lot of young 'uns about that probably won't have even heard of it. I think this was the next big 3d video internet meme to do the rounds after the dancing baby (which will not be posted here). Done by the great Victor Navone, who's done some shit-hot work over the years (remember the ice fields in Titan AE? that was his work):

                            the above was done in Hash's Animation:master - great little hobbiest 3d application which had almost the same feature set as Max, Lightwave etc. Truly awesome. he now works for Pixar... bastard.
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                              and another one - neat little animation to show the US housing market over time:


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