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    *waits for the geek-out about patrick stewart being in the movie*


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      Also 2 TV mini series


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        yeah, but we don't mention those


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          dont forget it also has sting acting lol. i loved the video game spinoff though it was awesome


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            Just finished reading the Malazan: Book of the fallen.

            This is a Fantasy Decalogy written by Steven Erikson, it's very very good. Vast range of characters and plotlines, all ties up nicely in the end.

            Quite a complicated story, but rewarding. Has quite a bit of philosophising in it, might also be described as random meandering gibberish, tomato potato.


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              just finished Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson (thanks Harb) - great little cyberpunk book about a samurai hacker who delivers pizza for the Mob.

              Also knocked over Terry Pratchett's (with Stephen Baxter) new book The Long Earth - interesting book but kind of a fizzler of an ending and felt no investment in the characters.

              Finished Book 2 of the Princes In Amber series - I still don't know whether I should be calling these sci-fi or fantasy... great old books though.

              and speaking of Brandon Sanderson, have also caught up with the Wheel of Time again - god damn, this guy can write.


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                Brandon Sanderson is a favourite. Fantastic how many books he has coming out - two this year alone with more quickly on the way. Ten planned for Way of Kings!


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                  10? nice


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                    Just finished reading the Saga of the Seven Suns - Kevin J. Anderson

                    Read this because it was "epic space opera comparable to PF Hamiltons work."

                    Utter rubbish. It was essentially space magic masquerading as scifi. I generally get angry when one of the main characters seems to be retarded, ALL THE CHARACTERS ARE RETARDED.

                    Why did I read all seven books? I have no idea, it was very annoying.


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