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  • New CG Anime movie

    Before you go chuckling at the name, checkout the teaser for the giant robot movie Gaiking:

    that. looks. hawt.
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    Heh, heh, heh!

    That does look rather rad. Will there be a Western release?


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      It's being made by Toei Animation and the vast majority of their films and tv series have made it to western distributors. I have to admit, the animation just looks too damned good to ruin with subtitles so I'm hoping for a quick (but not rushed!) dub.


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        Holy fucking shit that's the coolest thing I've ever seen. I LOVED Advent Children, but this looks so much more incredible.

        It fuses my two childhood obsessions. Comic books and CG.

        Fuck. Yeah.


        It's actually pronounced "Guyking"... which doesn't make it any less gay unfortunately.

        Edit: How cool would a new Ninja Scroll be with this technology and artistry?


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          Looks awesome. Every time I see a trailer for a CGI movie that actually looks rad it reminds me of this:


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            You have no idea how much I was looking forward to Blue Planet :*(


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              ditto but then FF Spirits Within came out and it was all okay

              also, dont forget to checkout the two new Appleseed movies and Vexile if you're a 3D-ophile like me
              (note decent use of 40mm in this one )

              and just because it's possible someone missed the two FF movies:

              and this one i know SFA about but looks fuckin good:

              and in unrelated news: lol


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                Japan has already created its greatest ever work of digital animation.


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                  wow - okay so i was wrong - looks like Gaiking is being built by some of hollywood's biggest + directed by Guillermo Del Toro

                  Gaiking and other Shogun Warriors are in our Future!

                  (regarding the OP teaser) This is essentially some of their test work. Both Matt and Jules really wanted me to let you all know that while they like what you see here... this is essentially just the CG model - not what you'll see in the film. Jules said he wanted all of you to know the look they are aiming for - instead of doing like what Emmerich and Devlin did with Godzilla where they hid it from y'all. This is a film where the creators are not afraid. They want us to examine it. Because these guys have been Shogun Warrior nuts as long as the property has existed. Just like me.


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                    They'll have me when they update this with some CGI treatment:


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                      the article above mentions that Mazinger Z may make an appearance in Gaiking or a sequel


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                          Quick update on the Gaiking movie!

                          Gale Anne Hurd is now attached as executive producer - we're in good hands now! She was involved with such awesomes as Aliens, Armageddon, the Terminator movies, Ghost and the Darkness, and my all time favourite movie: The Abyss. Most of you will probably recognise her name from the Walking Dead credits.


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