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How to unlock all COD4 guns and perks (level 55 crack)

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    Originally posted by rec View Post
    I just re-installed COD4 today, and there was no way I was going to spend weeks unlocking everything again. Thankfully all the unlock data is stored client side, so here's the work-around for those of you in the same situation...

    Just make sure that once you've put your own CD key back in that you join a multiplayer server before quitting COD4, otherwise it won't save properly and you'll need to repeat this process!
    Hey, when I go to the regedit, Activision doesn't appear under software - thoughts?


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      Do a registry search for "codkey" and that will take you straight to it.


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        saved me almost a week

        man am i glad i found this thread -
        after i got all 5 stars and unlocks - i decided i wanted to play bf2 and no matter what server i went to - i got a message - invalid cd key -

        i thought about re-installing bf2 but that is a pretty long process - so instead i restored the entire hard drive from about a week ago - bf2 works now but to my surprise i am back down to colonel in cod4 - ahhh

        i tried this method using my son's mpdata and it worked but it only put me to 3 stars - so that is why i am sure it will work to put me back to 5 .

        thank you

        btw - my game nick in bf2 and cod4 is kablammy
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          Doesn't Work

          Cuz im tried to unlocks all weapon but i doesn't works how and what you mean back-up you idiot :x


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              Originally posted by Buakaw View Post
              Cuz im tried to unlocks all weapon but i doesn't works how and what you mean back-up you idiot :x
              lol, in english plz


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                epic fail... call us idiots because your the idiot? meh go away and learn2read.


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                  I followed all the instructions precisely and it just reset my lvl 45
                  Does this still work?
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                    Ive done the step-by-step guide, placed the mpdata file into my profile folder then i open up Cod4 MP yet theirs no lvl 55. or all weapons unlocked etc.
                    Where have i gone wrong?


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                      Hi there, everything works fine - except - i got the same 'MY WHOLE STATUS GOT RESET'
                      i dont understand what you mean by ('You need to join a multiplayer game before quitting after applying it.' )

                      I joined a game - changed everything whilst in the game then added the cd key, and same result?

                      Thanks in advance.


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                        I haven't tried this in a long while, but what I mean by joining a multiplayer game is that you need actually need to join a multiplayer match, then quit the game entirely, then launch COD4 again.


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                          ok cheers mate. Your a legend. ---THIS IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED PEOPLE---


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                            ok, im really stuck i'll write exactly what ive done

                            i change the cd key
                            i check its valid in the game
                            i quit the game
                            i got to my profile and delete the data (a cfg file and a plain file)
                            i paste in the mp data from the link (a txt file)
                            i go into the game
                            i see my stats as lvl 1 no exp



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                              You're going into the game after changing the CD key - don't do that.

                              Follow the instructions as listed.


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