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  • Bad Company 2

    Bit lost on which thread to post in so bugger it, I've made one.

    Had some awesome games with Minorci and co last night. Tube spam from the roof to dedicated spawn distraction. Massive ROFL.
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    Yeah I had some good runs last night. Got up behind all these guys camped on a ridge and knifed the crap outta all three of them. Currently about 1/3 of my kills are with the knife. It would be closer to half if the actual game wasn't such a fuck up!


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      What is it that you don't like ?


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        The fact that it's constantly laggy, drops frames regularly and trying to knife is like trying to pick up marbles with your hands taped up. I have lowered the graphics to medium and turned shadows to low and it's still flakey. I have a i7 920 with a GTX295 so I shouldn't have to really.

        I mean it's ok, and I'm hoping all my issues with frames/lag will be fixed with an NVidia update that doesn't set my card on fire.


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          Getting kinda frustrated with server crashes and PB issues


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            Mate, it's an absolute DREAM compared to Modern Warfare 2. It's so broken it's not even funny anymore.


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              Nah man, IWnet is the bomb. Infinity Ward were so right... :/


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                It's a perfect balance between unusable and barely adequate.


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                  knifing annoys me too, but melee combat in online games is ALWAYS plagued by poor positioning data. the amount of times i screamed at WoW that I AM NOT FUCKING OUT OF RANGE when trying to backstab someone running away from me, ugh.


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                    Modern Warfare 2 knifing is fucking win IMO. Seems to be one of its only redeeming features.


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                      yea I'm really like bc2, reminds me of the old days, Pala sniping my ass from the opp side of the map... All up it's a lot of fun and it's great fun playing with the old gang again.


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                        Last night was fun, heaps of folks on mumble and lots of trash talk. I think everyone in channel got my dog tags at least 1 time ;p


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                          i think i'm still missing yours fleshy :/ spastic tags list needs a sort by name button :/


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                            hays off to Soloman, he's the first to get my dog tags, I'l just glad it wasn't pala :p


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                              he beat me to it? damn - i was sure i had to be close to first on that map from the beta last night ;P


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