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God of War 3 - who's played?

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  • God of War 3 - who's played?

    Just watched last night's Good Game - they gave it insane wraps.

    I plan on buying a PS3 in August, ready for F1 in September and Gran Turismo 5 in October (rumored but not official). I guess I'll add this to the list, along with Uncharted 2.
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    Ps3 in August WICKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Saves me buying a PC to play with you. I think GoW III is out on Thursday, looks epic.


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      Will, almost definitely. But it really depends if I can set the rotation (degree lock) on my wheel. If I can't, I'll stick to PC. I don't like "guessing" where my turning circle ends.


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        God of War 3 is totally not my type of game. So, so, boring. It's essentially a beat-em-up in high production value title.

        I'm not into beating hordes of enemies, almost mindlessly, for hours on end. Returning it now.


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          Those types of games are more about the story than the playing, it's like Dante's Inferno is very similar in style.


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            Re: God of War 3 - who's played?

            Bought it for $88, traded it in for $106 - go EB! Way to turn a profit.

            Got Heavy Rain with console, finished it, traded it for $57.

            Picked up Uncharted 2 and Assassin's Creed 2 instead.

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