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BFBC2 Pick up match - possibly a regular occurrence

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  • BFBC2 Pick up match - possibly a regular occurrence

    I would like to propose an idea for a Bad Company 2 GU pick up match concept.

    There are currently plenty of GU members that are playing BC2 and the mumble server is often full with said players.

    The outline would be:

    1. The first two people to self nominate as captains in the starting thread would be team captains. Captains are temporary for that match. (no pre-requisite)
    2. Everyone who wished to play would join mumble at the allotted time.
    3. the captains in alternating sequence would then pick their team members.
    4. The teams would split off into separate channels to play the match.
    5. Each team would pile into a GU server for the game. (server administration required)
    6. Teams only exist for the pick up match, it's totally random.

    Result, we would have a GU centric match, team balanced in numbers and through alternating selection possibly balanced in skill..

    I propose Friday night, 26-03-10 for the first go. Time negotiable, say initially planned for 7:30pm Darwin time.

    Any thoughts, improvements?
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    Re: BFBC2 Pick up match - possibly a regular occurrence

    Rad idea. Fully behind this.

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      sounds awesome - ideally rec or OD should set a server password directly prior to kicking everyone from the server and then only communicate it to those in the mumble server - the only issue then becomes how do you stop people who're in mumble but not chosen for a team from joining (probably not an issue now but might be down the track).


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        OMG OMG OMG


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          Love the idea! Might not be there for the first though.

          Fleshy should get a prize for ingenuity.


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            I too mightn't be available for the first one, as I'll have guests in town from SA. If not, I'll definitely be in on the next.


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              keen up lads, if we get numbers we should kick it tnight


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                Re: BFBC2 Pick up match - possibly a regular occurrence

                next week for sure.


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                  Sounds good; if I'm not working I will have a go


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                    I'm there!


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                      Should be there... no worries!


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                        Originally posted by paladin View Post
                        did nobody read the first thread on this?
                        Thanks for the link Pala

                        I'll be in for that, count me in


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