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Free game server :O

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    We should get one for the CS:S Beta


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      * FREE Game Servers are provided for 45 days, users wishing to lease Game Servers beyond 45 days may choose to lease a Game Server from Datalect. You will have the option to transfer your FREE Game Server to a leased server after the 45 day FREE period. This is limited to 1 per email address/user. Australian Residents ONLY. Multiple requests will be deleted. Game Server details can be found at Datalect - Game Servers


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        45 days for a free server is still better then us paying for data on a server. I've signed up for one.


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          and lets be honest 45 days is about the attention span for most of us GUers


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            What? Who said that?


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              Hi Gamers Underground Members,

              It seems the free game server promotion by Datalect has created some buzz from your forums. For this reason we've decided to just poke our head in, smile, nod and create a game server prematurely for the members of Gamers Underground.

              The promotion was initially created to increase the number of Mac online gamers, and give communities the chance to increase their numbers as a result of the promotion - But it is all dependent on which games are released for Mac each week.

              As Counter-Strike Source is still in Beta (and at Datalect we're assuming the move of CSS to orangebox is gearing up for a Steam Play release) and as noted in this thread a need for a Counter-Strike Source Beta server, we've decided to give this to Gamers Underground, now - no waiting - no catches.

              A nominated member from GU will need to contact Datalect (either via PM here, email, support ticket) to obtain the Game Control Panel login details and RCON password. With this server you are free to upload mods and modify any configurations. And if you have any questions please feel free to let us know.

              Oh, i almost forgot the server details (Just kidding, just wanted to save the best part of information til last):

              Game: Counter-Strike Source BETA (cssbeta, cstrike_beta)
              Slots: 16
              Public: True
              Location: Sydney


              Phillip @ Datalect
              Last edited by Datalect; 20-05-10, 12:07 PM. Reason: Added Location


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                None of us (afaik) have the client Beta though Phillip.


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                  I do know there were a 'limited' number of people who were issued beta passes, and if members of GU have not been fortunate enough to obtain many (or any) of these we will add a second game server on there also. While we would like to keep this limited to Steam for the purpose of the promotion we would consider any game the majority of members would be most likely to be involved in.


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