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Looking for someone with MW2

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  • Looking for someone with MW2

    As the title suggests, I need a GU'er who has a legit version of MW2 installed.
    Trying to get some lag issues resolved with spec ops. I think I've fixed it but need someone to invite to a game to test the theory.

    Give me a hollar - sooner the better
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    If you have no luck during work hours, I'll jump on with ya when I get home.


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      Me and Unseen have been tryin to get it working; but we experience incredible lag when before we never did.
      We've been trying everything under the sun to get it going.

      The only thing that's changed is his internet plan - but its still 1.5mb so i wouldnt imagine that'd be an issue.

      Will hit you up when ur home Jamie; to see what its like connecting with you.


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