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Epic gives thumbs up to Terminator mod

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  • Epic gives thumbs up to Terminator mod

    Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski has given a pat on the back to an indie developer who has created his own Terminator FPS using the Unreal engine III.

    The mod is particularly impressive, with all the hallmarks of the post-apocalyptic Terminator universe present.

    CliffyB reckons it's just the kind of thing an upcoming developer needs to get noticed:

    "Check out this SWEET FPS Terminator mod," he said on Twitter. "These guys are going to get a job in the biz if they haven't already."

    The developer in question, Kevin, similarly compliments Epic - saying that his Terminator mod wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for the Unreal Development Kit:

    "In my opinion the most powerful toolkit for creating games in the industry, for no cost. So I have major respect for Epic."

    You can see the Terminator FPS mod for yourself over on Mod DB.

    [ Source: CliffyB on Twitter ]

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