Hey all,

New version of Project Reality just got released for Battlefield 2.

For a quick run down for those that don't know it has been developing since 1994 (I think)
It is a full military simulator on the lines of Armed Assault.

Give it a go if you have Battlefield 2 still. Not long till 0.1 (and let us hope the finally add the Aussies in it

- New Features and Changes in 0.95

* 3D Scopes for all Handheld Scoped Weapons
* Underslung Grenade Launchers with Adjustable Range
* Deployable Mortars
* 2D Marker System
* Overhauled Commander UAV System
* Thermal Imaging for Ground and Air Vehicles
* Close Support Bridges
* New German Faction
* Over 10 New Vehicles and Over 40 New Weapons!
* New Custom Kit Geometries for Nearly 7 Factions!
* 4 New Maps: Burning Sands, Iron Eagle, Kokan and Wanda Shan

Link is below of there main site for alot more information ,pretty pictures and vids

Project Reality : Realistic Gaming Redefined