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Call of Duty: Black Ops tweaks and fixes

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    It's either disallowed and not handled well, or a bug


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    Guess I'll be "reccy" for now then... I'd use "rec." but any characters except letters also aren't rendered.


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      maybe you could add the color codes to your name "^5rec"


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        what about 'wreck'?


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          Thanks guys... fuck u Aegis . i tried the color code but same issue... might just have to revert to the good 'ol' GU_DNR
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            gah. I can play from 1 map cycle to 6, but my game bluescreens and I have no idea why.


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              Originally posted by psyave View Post
              gah. I can play from 1 map cycle to 6, but my game bluescreens and I have no idea why.
              any memory dumps?


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                Hmmm how do you check for that?


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                  Don't worry about it. Install the new patch and see if that helps.


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                    Is there a way to have the settings run automatically whenever I play the game? It's kind of a hassle to bring the console up at the start of every single match...


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                      change the settings in your mp config file and change the properties to read only


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                        Anyone had the problem in the single player campaign mission SOG where when the Viet dude jumps on u from that little walkway in the trenches and your asked to repeatedly hit F... but it doesn't work no matter how fast hard or slow u hit F?

                        EDIT: Ok looks like i have worked around this issue, i now just mash left click + right click + melee + jump this seems to work fine lol
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                          Ati has recently released crossfire profiles to improve fps for black ops.


                          * Two Worlds 2: Improves CrossFire performance
                          * James Bond 007 ? Black Stone: Improves CrossFire performance
                          * Call of Duty: Black Ops: Improves CrossFire performance
                          * Lion Heart ? Enables Anti-Aliasing support through the Catalyst Control Center
                          * F1 2010: Fixes water flickering when running in CrossFire mode
                          You need to have Catalyst 10.11 to take advantage of these crossfire profiles


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                            Turns out my "GPU hitching" wasn't that at all. I would stutter and freeze when beginning to fire, or the first time a grenade exploded near me.

                            After reading about Milenko disabling his onboard sound to fix this problem, which I had already done, I decided to disable additional devices in the control panel.

                            Control Panel > Sound > Manage Audio Devices

                            I've disabled ALL playback and recording devices, except for "Speakers" (driving audio to my headphones) and the single "Microphone" I've got attached and running.

                            Hey-presto. Silky smooth, hitch-free gameplay. Thanks for the idea Milenko.


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                              hmm, must try this me thinks.... Alas, seemed okay for about 2min then back to glitching. No where nere as bad though...Good stress test is Nuketown.
                              Actually just found an update to my sound card driver, will give that a go.

                              Update, Well that improved things somewhat...still minor glitching though but nothing too dramatic
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