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    yeh thats the ridiculous knife lunge, as per another thread they fixing it for console, so hoping they sort it for PC as well... seems way too ridiculous sometimes.


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    i could accept it happily if the game was Call of Duty: Naruto or something, but yeah, in a semi-realistic game it's retarded.


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      i wouldn't mind it so much if it was consistent even, problem is some times u lunge other times while touching there back and knifing u miss (multiple times), or they try run away and u dont lunge... its messed up


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        Click image for larger version

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        there u go rec


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          Nice one Unseen.


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            Almost there mate, just try a little bit harder.


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              Originally posted by deadlyrac00n View Post
              i have already uninstalled the game.. i cant be bothered with a game that takes 2-3 minutes to load a map, then find you have 1 minute of gameplay, wait for another minute to start new map, wait 2-3 minutes for next map to load - error disconnecting, leave to main browser - find servers are gone and wont refresh - restart game to get browsers back, and repeat.......
              i timed over an hour the other night, i aCTUALLy played for around 8 minutes.

              not to mention horrible steam....
              anyone wanting a brand new B'Ops cheap $25 inc post... give me a shout. its your loss - my gain!

              the actual game when i did play it was enjoyable though.

              Mate, I could not agree more on the Multiplayer part...BUT I cannot agree on Singleplayer - it does have it's moments, it is worked well...however - THE GAMEPLAY SUCKS BIG TIME. Playing on Veteran is total nonsense cos' all you can do is run around hoping that this time you won't get hit by ALL the guys firing at you WHILE YOUR SQUAD does not help at all and can stand 3 meters from enemy and does not get shot at. So silly, so sad.

              COD was like this from long before...but this time it went even more on the same my opinion, the so poorly graded MoH is better.


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