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  • The Crysis Thread

    Anyone else playing this?

    The online multiplayer is alot of fun. YES it does somewhat feel like another CoD game but the addition of the nanosuit abilities make it an absolute riot.

    add me if you like: PapaDom
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    I will bite.

    I think i'm through my 2 or 3rd play through with the game and that is saying a bit about the game. The story line doesn't really improve until about 1/2 through the game and then it ramps the action and story up a notch that does keep you playing. To compare the story line to Crysis 1 its a big step up and is enjoyable to play through.

    For the story line in a bit more detail, it does have some major holes and inconsistency. Mostly these story holes and inconsistency comes from the connection from the original crysis game, though if you've never played them its not a big deal. The whole story does feel somewhat just thrown together. It seems like the developers just simply ran out of time and where missions were suppose to be you seem to skip huge parts to the time line for example in one mission you're getting into a jeep and you expect a rail shooter but the mission ends and the next instance you find yourself ontop of a building?

    One thing I will give credit to is the way the developers do not have a preference in approaching a situation or combat situation. The game ballancing the all out combat assult with the stealth combat. So you can switch between the two any time during the game and it feels very ballanced with playing the game. There are some instancies where you are forced to a specific gameplay type but its not the norm. Though its a very fun gameplay element.

    For multi-player I played the demo and didn't like it. I think the full game will be very similar so I decided to skip it and wait for bf3 to come out, until then its bfbc2 ftw.

    Over-all I'v clocked 12-13hrs playing the game and enjoyed it. Well worth the price tag.


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      I've quite enjoyed the multiplayer, from what I've experienced before either the server drops connection or I do, damn router.
      Still seems a bit buggy with CD-Keys etc, but the actual gameplay I've quite enjoyed. The nanosuit abilities really make this alot more enjoyable than COD, although I still find I can get one shotted rather easily which is damn annoying, but nowhere near as bad as the instagibbing of Homefront. Still wouldn't put it above BF2BC2 in terms of overall multiplayer experience though, its the game I still keep on going back to. Maybe I'm just not a rambo kind of player which alot of the current fps's seem to be catering towards, and if I'm getting shot I still have a chance to duck behind a wall or building and possibly survive.
      I am a big fan of Pro mode on Crysis 2 though, evens the playing field alot imo. I get caned in non-pro modes but can hold my own rather well in a Pro mode match, no idea why, I guess less to distract me on the HUD or something hah


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        paid $50 via UK store

        Not bad, did however test out my new video cards....

        Check out the photo here!!!! Click image for larger version

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          Marf, to get the CD Key to stay, from main menu go to multiplayer>Enter Key. then Navigate back to the main menu, go back into multiplayer, enter CD Key AGAIN. it should be saved in there after that.


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            Started playing single player last night. In typical Crytek fashion, the voice acting is well lame, and the story is rather balls.

            BUT, playing it in 3D is freaking incredible. I'll probably put in at least a few hours into single player.


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              ive been meaning to turn on 3d on my video card via my sony 3d tv

              ill give it ago later thanks for the input rec


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                Looks like there was a patch last night for Crysis 2, well it looked like it on Steam. Wonder if that will fix the client/server dropouts in Multiplayer, along with all the other bugs its been having.


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                  The Nanosuit is fucking neat. And this game is easily the best 3D game I've played - and so well optimised, running beautifully.

                  But, man-o-man is the AI is shithouse. It's not much better or worse than other single player shooters, but that's a big part of why I don't play single player shooters. I can grit my teeth and bare with the voice acting and story line, but the dumb-as-mud AI is ruining the single player game. I shouldn't be surprised.

                  I'm just a few hours in, but I think that'll do me. It's a pretty shooting gallery at the end of the day. *yawn

                  As for multi, I too didn't like it. Just a few more weeks playing BC2 and TF2, then, Brink!


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