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Brink - play at 4pm Tuesday (10th), if you have a US VPN

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  • Brink - play at 4pm Tuesday (10th), if you have a US VPN

    At least, I think so.

    It shouldn't matter what region you purchased the game from, because it has the same Steam app ID - which means we're all getting exactly the same content regardless of location. This is unlike L4D2 for example, which had different app IDs for different regions due to variations in versions.

    So, theoretically, you should be able to get it running at the same time as the yanks, if you make Steam think you are one. Log-off Steam, log-on to a USA VPN, re-log onto Steam, and decrypt the game. Presto, you're done. Disconnect from the VPN and begin playing.

    VPN trial accounts (last for 3 hours from time of sign-up): Home ::: ::: provide Virtual Private Network

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    Ace VPN – Free, Highly Secure, Anonymous and Private SSL VPN Service Provider ? Ace VPN also good i think... I recently purchased one month from them for about $5 or $10 and was able to appear completely from another ip/country.