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  • Blacklight Retribution

    Anyone playing this? It's a free-to-play futuristic FPS which is available on Steam. It's a bit clunky here and there but generally it's pretty awesome. I'm really enjoying playing it.

    I think the best part is the HRV, which is basically the ability to scan the map to see where everyone else is. It really adds this great tactical element to the game, because obviously everyone can do it. You can't really upgrade your weapons without paying real money, but I think that changes at around level 10, and then you can use the points you've earned in game. The weapon and character customisation is pretty in depth as well. You can really pull down each element of your weapon to customise it both visually and mechanically - with stats available on what changes what. It's pretty cool.

    Anyway, check it out. I might see you guys on there.

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    too busy slaying Orcs! You see, they simply must die.


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      I'm still up in the air with that one. Will probably check it out though...


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        My total game time for the past 3 months is about 3 hours, but I'll try to give this a bash tonight depending on what time dinner finishes up.


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          played this in beta before the move to steam, its not bad actually.
          might have to give it another whack.
          oh and its perfect world so same login as star trek online