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GU DayZ night... This Friday! [14.09.12]

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  • Epic! GU DayZ night... This Friday! [14.09.12]

    Hey guys.

    Been smashing DayZ lately and had the most epic game last night with rec, Moxxy, Bam Stroker, Lothar & Dragon. Anyway, if anyone is keen let's meet up this Friday night. Say from 8.30pm?

    We'll get a Mumble channel sorted and organise which server then...

    Hopefully we'll see some of you there!

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    What's the best way to get DayZ running at the moment? Last time I tried it was a major PITA.


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      place ballsack on CD tray, attempt to close tray repeatedly until DayZ boots


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        Nah it's piss easy now.

        Lothar made this thread:

        But as long as you've installed and run at least once ARMA II and ARMA II Operation Arrowhead, just download the BETA from the DayZ site and install it... OR... if you've installed the ARMA games just get "Play with SIX" or "DayZ Commander" and the whole BETA installation is automated or at least mostly automated.

        It'll work and maybe break... but the solutions are dead easy. Both Lothar and myself have pretty much copped everything you can now and know the quick solutions.

        But personally, installation was just as easy as installing anything other game... and I've only had one real problem, which I can now solve in a matter of seconds.


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          perhaps a list of known bugs we have individuality experienced, and the fix in the howto thread to help those who are on at different times?


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            Yeah I can't remember what the actual error message I was getting was...

            I know that's there's a bug that is rectified by downloading the latest compatible Beta from the ARMA site and manually replacing the actual ARMA exe with it... but yeah... I can't remember what actual error message I was dealing with at the time. Lothar would know a lot of these I'd say...


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              Originally posted by Jay View Post
              What's the best way to get DayZ running at the moment? Last time I tried it was a major PITA.
              DayZ Commander is the smoothest simplest way to get DayZ and related addons working with little to no effort required ^_^


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                I just got the game yesterday and up for playing tonight


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                  Wicked. I believe there's a channel on Mumble now. I'll be on around 8.30 Adelaide time.


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                    Ok. Went back to the little spot we died/exited on last night. Within a couple of minutes there were about 6 people swarming around there. Came under fire. Went down but didn't die so I Alt-F4'd. Not sure I'll survive even if I got to another server. It was pretty crazy...


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                      The tent was still there. But they were raiding it...

                      Edit: So yeah, it looks like I died. Spawned on ANZ 2 as a freshie.

                      Ah well. *shrugs*
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                        Was pretty fun night Friday haha!
                        Damn freaky with those hackers and the way they were talking and insisting on getting in their teleporting boat lol!


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                          Yeah it was full deliverance shit.

                          Just went it to play a bit then. Scooted across to Elektro and around to the apartments. Went to the first one and found an Alice pack and a Makarov to add to the AK I found yesterday. Just came out the front door and heard a shot and the zombies around me went nuts. Snuck around the back, waited a bit and then scooted back up the hill. I could hear my heart beat. This game is too much. Scares the shit out of me, especially when I'm playing by myself!!