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ShootMania open beta running, and it's free

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  • ShootMania open beta running, and it's free

    After UT2004 last night I started playing some ShootMania with grandinferno - it's sweeeeet.

    • "Skiing" possible down slight inclines to pick up speed (like Tribes but no need for mountains, you just have to start with a jump)
    • Kick off walls
    • Just 3 weapons (lightning rifle, rocket launcher, mine launcher)
    • Games are structured around very quick turns rotating between offense and defence roles

    Go download the open beta and give it a whirl: ShootMania Storm Open Beta - Download for free - ManiaPlanet
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    Just had a run in a Royal server. I'm very impressed.


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      Ha. Awesome Res. Elite is the mode of choice for me. Think of Royal as TDM with some added elements. Elite is kind of like CS 5v5, except 3v3 but only ever 3v1 (you'll understand when you play). It's SO good.


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