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  • GFWL game save issue

    So, against my better judgement i bought Flatout 3 the other day. A game i'd been hanging for like a junkie knowing it would only offer cheap thrills then disappoint me horrendously due to it's new inclusion of games for windows live shit.

    Unfortunately my instincts were spot on. After getting the shits with Live costantly asking me to update it (then going through the update bar and stopping for bloody ages). I finally left it overnight to finish its update.

    Anyway, I tried it today and my game save is ****ing gone - the FILE is still in the flatout3 save game dir, but it isnt being picked up. completely borked. wtf. so that's one more brick i owe the head of an MS developer.

    anyone have any ideas how to sort this issue?? I found this thread on the Live forums: Help! Multiple Game Saves Vanished! - Games for Windows Live and made a post (LiveIsPants is me), but yeah, clearly no resolution there yet.
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    nvm sorted it:

    right.. rage subsiding. I fixed it on my machine -this post lead the way: Signing in online messes up my offline saves - Games for Windows Live

    slightly different for me on Vista, and Live doesnt seem to make an extra folder for its game saves (i still don't understand the need for separation between online and offline anyway) -

    C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Local\FlatOut Ultimate Carnage\Savegame

    In that dir i had 2 .sav files, one from last night, and one from when i fired the game up today, I fixed my issue by saving a copy of last night's save in the same folder, renaming the other save the game had created today and using the name it had before on the copied version of last night's save. restarted the game and all my cash and cars are back.

    *mumble* *mutter*


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      just an update to the above - forgot to post the next day that GFWL got confused and wiped it all again - over and over and over.

      As a further addendum: Batman Arkham City also suffers from this - only worse. STEAM keeps its own copy of save files, but the main one sits in your mydocs folder. Now I completed the main story and sidequests in batman last night, went to fire it up today only to discover the save file is gone. The steam save file is still there, so i tried copying it back into the mydocs location and restarting GFWL and batman. No dice. I guess the DRM is trying to protect them from.. something..

      Googled this issue of arkham city save files being lost and came up with nothing useful to resolve it. (tried new windows profiles, tried using backedup copies of the save - nadda). So i give you this image:

      Click image for larger version

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        Epic read.

        What's the verdict on FO3? Should I buy purchasing?


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          that was the previous FO3 - if you have FO2 there's no point as FO3 is the same game with updated textures and working network code swapped for GFWL. Not sure about the FO3 that just hit steam the other day.


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